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GI E3 – Sony's 2018 Press Conference

Watch Sony’s game reveals, announcements and more with commentary from the Game Informer staff.

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  1. God, what i would have given to have been in the planning commitee

    "Before we begin planning for one of the PlayStation s biggest days of the year, i have a quick request, everybody who likes the lute please raise your hand"
    " Good! Im glad no one raised their hand, if you did then you would looked like nazis, and what is the one thing we at sony hate?!"
    "…uh, nazis?"
    " good adam! Here is a treat"
    "Um, sir? What was that about the lute?"
    "excellent suggestion Carroll! We will have lutes in the presentation! Those seem pretty anti nazis! Any objections, raise your hand!"

  2. Was kind of bummed i was at work for this show, but the pacing for this was so weird. I skipped through a bunch of that filler but the trailers were great. I think everything looked solid! ?
    Oh and still going through the video and just saw that from software thing and i think dan tack should have torn his shirt off in confusion lol

  3. Well that was a bazaar and clunky opening/1st few minutes. It seemed very unprofessional and what was with the bazaar music openings from I think the same guy?

    Where do I start with The last of us 2 trailer, other than it's a lesbian killing a bunch of religious fanatics who will probably mostly be white, subtle! Now I get the King's men reference and why they were in a church. This makes Hollywood's typical Marxist horseshit storytelling seem subtle. But the gameplay did look good and intense but I already can tell what the "twists" and story beats will be, grown…

    But everything else looked nice and I wonder how the RE2 remake will play like whether it'll be in 1st person like RE7 or more like 4 or maybe like the originals with a fixed camera.

    Other than that I was only really interested in death stranding which holy hell look at those graphics! Obviously that could be made to look better like certain games of the past but I'm still blown away by the graphics of most of the games that were shown off at E3 this year

  4. Thats exactly what i expected from a Kojima game and im not disappointed. Kojima is that guy with his own weird and beautiful World in his mind, and i want him to show me that World in a gaming format…

  5. Yeah I only found Siderman to be interesting. The Last Of Us 2 meh, and honestly having a daughter that age and watching two CGI teens kissing was a bit disturbing. Or of bad taste imo. Also everything is all just violence, I mean come on, get some creative things everyone can enjoy. Also what kind of DRUGS is the developer of Death Stranding on? lol Interesting, but honestly it looks boring. I'd rather see another UNCHARTED with Sully and Sam!! TBH.

  6. WTF is up with the audio syncing? Is no one else seeing how off it is? It's like a full 2-3 seconds behind the video. Pretty much unwatchable.

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