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GI E3 – EA's 2018 Press Conference

Watch EA’s game reveals, announcements and more with commentary from the Game Informer staff.

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  1. Lol all the WOOOOHS and clapping is literally just EA’s devs making noise. No ones that excited about battlefront 2’s shit show. You can tell the dude doesn’t even want to be up there lol

  2. Anthem calls that flying 😂😂😂 I call it floating! Days Gone is definitely what I want on the 22nd of Feb 2019. Looking forward to BFV! Other than that the best 2 games shown were the 2 Indies!!! I hope their impression of a
    " Deep Dive " is completely different to Sony's because that was as shallow as a fukin puddle!!! I quite liked the 1st look of Anthem but after seeing that bit of slow motion flying ( Floating ) I have lost AAAAAAAALL excitement for that! I can't get ova how slow the
    " flying " was, terrible!!! It was laughable how the characters floated around the map🤬

  3. Anthem reminded me of Xenoblade Chronicles X. But with a much more Destiny/Mass Effect/[insert every western sci-fi shooter here] look. Much prettier too. Kind of devoid of personality. Hopefully the shooting isn't just bullet sponge stuff.

  4. Ahtem I don't care how they created the game I want to see the game ask them about combat system character costomizarion, what can we do, side quests shitty questions

  5. This is embarrassing to watch. The fake enthusiasm from he girl hosting the show is unnerving. I am laughing out loud at all the cringe worthy moments in this press conference. Just brutal. If I were EA, I would be completely embarrassed and underwhelmed by the audience reaction.

  6. This will probably suck. But I'll have to watch it and see then I'll give an update.
    Update: it wasn't exactly as terrible as I thought it might be, but 90% of the games I had 0 interest in whatsoever. The one exception was the single player Star Wars game which I hope will play like Jedi outcast with guns and the force.

    Seriously the majority of the hosts were super awkward and seemed super nervous. And I thought EA was bad before but once they announced the deal with the cancer that is he for her they somehow managed to get worse!

    It's like you hit rock bottom, but then you start digging! Overall this was just another met presentation which is not surprising for EA

  7. Their problem is Andrew Wilson. That guy needs to leave for the sake of the future of EA. In this press conference he could not say a sentence without mentioning something that has to do with money. Although my source is from Wikipedia, He joined EA working in 'Asian and European markets' from 2000 to 2007~, then became exec vice president of ea sports and then became the CEO of EA is September 2013, a year after they released Loot Boxes into their games. His whole career at EA is centred around investments going into loot boxes and DLC's. And if they want to improve from away all the money talk like loot boxes the right thing to do is to get someone who IS actually interested and passionate about video games, That guy is the same guy that has been through it all, pulling strings while manipulating the people who play their games to buy whatever the business wants you to buy rather than giving the consumer a choice.

  8. Aw man, everything they showed suckered! It's like they weren't even talking to me as a gamer but as if I was a stock holder or investor. I got no interest from watching their presentation.

  9. Of course FIFA were going to be doing a World Cup thing, but it's just a bummer to me that people aren't boycotting it. Just a reminder that Russia launched a chemical weapons attack on British soil earlier this year.

  10. I love the way the GI crew does these. You can actually watch and listen to the presentations and then get some of the views of the crew without them constantly talking and yelling over the presentation, like another popular gaming outlet likes to do.

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