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GI E3 – Bethesda's 2018 Press Conference

Game Informer’s Matt Miller and Jeff Cork provide subtle commentary as Todd Howard and company reveal The Elder Scrolls VI, Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, and Starfield at Bethesda’s E3 2018 press conference.

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  1. What do they mean by quake is now free….it's been free, they just make it tricky to get copy without buying the champions pack BS. Are they saying that pack is essentially free now?

  2. I love the very special skyrim bit. Taking the piss out of all the whiny douche bags that can't handle it being released on a console they don't even play

  3. Wow. I predicted the online capabilities when Skyrim came out. Just didn’t know it would come out for Fallout first! Can’t wait to see this for Elder Scrolls!

  4. Just keep your promise about the map size this time, Todd. And for fuck's sake put holsters and backpacks in it. You can keep the glow in the dark map. If you try to sell me another adventure rpg at the end of the world with no gear and no place to go, I'm returning it and not buying your hack games any longer. Not running around some scrapped ruins, bumping into invisible walls every 15 minutes while carrying around 350lbs of crap that just magically sucks into my body when I'm not using it. That's not a game, Todd, all animation clipping aside. That's work. And if wanted to do work there's plenty of work in real life that needs my attention.

  5. …. too SAD to SEE one game that could be great go FULL ONLINE. yes, there is a reason why the game must be connected to a server, even when played solo: they need to keep track of what is sold !
    YES, Fallout 76 will have tons of elements for sale. what were you expecting ? in Building mode, you can bet you will be able to purchase different wallpapers, objects, textures, paintings, defense weapons, so your 'FRIENDS' can see how nice your house looks.

    i didn't buy Gt sports,because of its 'always connected' elements.
    Fallout 76 might meet the same faith. if i don't go online, and just want to spend 100 or 150 hours on the main solo campaign, why the hell do i need to have my ps4 connected to the internet ?

    elder scrolls online… board games… now, fallout 76….they want to decide WHEN gamers can play a game OR NOT.

    today, if a gamer wants to play any fallout game on pc, or fallout new vegas, on ps3, they can.
    fallout 76, 3 years later, they decide to shut down the servers, bye bye game !

    so far, the only game that i really really want to play is dying light 2. (not bethesda, i know). but these bethesda games going full online… mmmm

  6. Perhaps the best e3 Bethesda has ever done! They really didn’t hold nothing back with this one, they came out guns blazing and boy did it pay off. Fucking love you Todd Howard you absolute gaming legend

  7. What I find weird, is that tons of people wanted skyrim co-op/multiplayer and fallout co-op/multiplayer, etc. So much that people actually started to mod it into the games. And now that Bethesda is doing a dedicated game for EXACTLY what people wanted "Fallout, but online with friends", everyone's hating. If you want a singleplayer Fallout, guess what…
    Fallout 4.
    This one's for the people who want multiplayer.

  8. It would be better if Bestheda made Fallout 76 to have servers that can store up to 50 – 100 players and the game being made in the latest Frostbite engine.

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