Ghost of Tsushima Full Gameplay Reveal | Sony E3 2018

Sony shows off a brand new cinematic trailer and gameplay from Ghost of Tsushima at the E3 2018 Sony Press Conference. What do you think?

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  1. I can see a wonderfoul epic future with this Game. I have goose bumps at this battle between those two friends. With this background, this epic music, this feeling and the leaves in the battle dancing at the ground. It is very beautiful and hase a little touch of Naruto or an other anime like Gintama or a other.

  2. From what I know, Mongols never succeeded in occupying the land of the rising sun because of the intervention of what the japanese called "The Divine Wind". This archer woman's pessimistic opinion when she said that they're already lost kinda makes me thinking that "The Divine Wind", the superstitious event that would make the Mongols stopped their invasion, would be this Ghost of Tsushima. Such is the work of shinobi or ninjas… They worked behind the curtains. This man is not a mere Samurai. This man is more than that

  3. I think the game looks great. The scenery seems beautiful and i feel like there is a lot of potential considering the aesthetics of this title. Hopefully they abstain from implementing a visable HUD. Gameplay wise, which will matter more, they might or might not have created a well though-out and complex fighting system, ideally with a high skill cap. I think this will be the decisive factor for the game's success, combined with a big portion of non linear gameplay and free decision making with real consequences. What players are really demanding are games that manage to deliver their own special feeling. The easiest way to achieve this is by thinking out of the box and producing an experience that you haven't had a hundred times before. Let's see if Sony made it happen with this one.

  4. Ya know Ubisoft, this could be you right now, but instead you decide to take assassin's creed further back 400 yrs in Greece somewhere…

  5. That's not a ps4 game it's for the ps5 thats why Sony skipping e3 all the games they announced are for ps5 proof that I am right is that none of them have release date and they didn't say ps4 at the end of preview Sony has no games left for ps4 but Microsoft has plenty coming out

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