FIFA 19 Full Reveal | EA Play E3 2018

Watch the full presentation for FIFA 19 at the EA Play E3 2018 press conference.

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  1. Celtic Park has to be available please thankyouuu. Biggest team in Britain and still it’s over looked and the 1st team in British football to win the European Cup ok . Get it sorted EA ya money grabbing bams . Cheers .

  2. How about adding your own chants like u use to be able to do back in the days and more leagues,divisions and what about the north american cups that are missing if all they add is the shit they just talked about ill save my money for a other game this year thx.

  3. Player Career Mode:

    – Contract: Start career with objectives alonside a contract. Free Agency wether you get sacked or contract over. You can't debate your contract ( Years, Wages,role you're going to play in the team) when you receive an offer in transfer window.
    – Saying: You don't have a saying in nothing. Can't say which team/league you'd like to play in, in the beginning you always get offers only from England, like wtfthere are more countries FIFA.
    – Teams where you are a top player still get benched for no logical reason and you can't actually ask the gaffer why you got benched, or demonstrate your state of mind over his decision.
    – Can't be captain of club and country
    – Can't be brought on as sub, only play or sim. stupid
    – National team is an absolute joke. Some times you get continuously get called and never play, if you cant play in the main team let it be an under 21 or something where you can play.
    – Transfer window is the thing you anticipate the most but they don't make it interesting at all. Like in NBA there should be like the teams show how interested they are in you and show why you should join the team by presenting perks and debating contract and show the team plan for the season.
    – Free Angecy
    – CUTSCENES! Ballon dor, player of the month, most improved rookie or youngster. Transfer window contract meetings and player presentation, like i said cutscenes where they try to convince you to join their team,debating contract, fan meetings etc… etc…
    – TV talkshows where they mention transfer deals, important news, along with social media.
    – Brand deals
    – Speak with the manager yo explain your situation, like if you're feeling down, you want more time on the field, ask why you got benched, ask for free kicks, penalties. if a team mate is missing loads of penalties ask to replace. etc. etc.
    – Switch of positions. for example. you choose RM, you get to a team where there is a world classe RM, dont get much playing time the coach could put you in RCM or RB.

    Plenty more they could do but dont give a fuck… its sad, absolute gold mine career mode.

  4. it's only a matter of time until the audience is replaced with a control group that will applaud every time they see the red neon sign light up that reads "Applause"

  5. It’s honestly way funnier how hard they try to get a reaction from the audience. Who tf was gonna go “AAAAAAHHHHHHHH OH MY FUCKING GOD ANOTHER FIFA GAME NO WAY” let alone give a slight reaction to anything EA puts out in general.

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