Fallout 76 – Gameplay Teaser Trailer | Bethesda E3 2018

A sneak peak of Fallout 76 revealed at the Bethesda E3 2018 press conference.

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  1. Sorry I've never played Fallout before but just wanted to peep this because of all the talk. Is the yellow-haired guy the same guy from the Bioshock plasmids demonstrations?

  2. God there are so many babies. First off, he literally says that you can play it solo. Secondly, it's not a main title. This isn't fallout 5, it's a different thing. If you were expecting Fallout 5, then you really need to give your head a shake. I love the Fallout series and the idea of finally being able to experience what looks like quite a genuine Fallout experience with friends is great. The griefing concerns me as it would anyone and I hope there are work arounds, but there's no need to be so pessimistic- the game isn't even out yet.

  3. I think that they made this Fallout 76 instead of a Fallout 5 cause they wanted to test how a fallout multiplayer would work out and see the results. And maybe in the future they will release Fallout 5.

  4. Todd just beat Fallout to death, dragged its lifeless corpse on stage and pissed on it. RIP mods, single player and the lore. The “optional”single player, which in not how Bethesada intendeds the game played, will be great I’m sure. Sorry Todd for height jokes, but this was cruel overkill.

  5. I’m really worried about the lack of story/being able to experience the world alone as he stated it is completely online, and I hope this is really not a main title and that fallout 5 is 100% offline.

  6. This is the part that really, really gets to me: In any other fucking game, the Beta is the time to test the game, have your Youtubers (MxR, Oxhorn, ect) so they can play it, promote it, hype it and by the time the Beta is done, you have a mostly working game tweeked by the opinion of your fan base. The problem is that Bethesda wants you to actually buy the game to have access to test it. That is going end Well <Sarcasm> And people talk about EA, man. What's next, charge Modders for uploading their mods?! Ridiculous.

  7. Now i'm fucking angry now! PvP survival game with SILOS! Are you fucking kidding me? I excepted PvE not a copy of RUST with SILOS! Dont fuck it up!

  8. This isn't fallout, I'm honestly super pissed. Teaser got me so hyped, but as soon as I heard it was online only mmo bullshit, i was instantly crushed. Who the fuck thinks its a good idea to have a game that requires an internet connection to fucking play? Its not even a fucking game anymore at that point. Developers need to stop with all this online and multiplayer bullshit, it's ruining modern games.

  9. Considering the year and time of 76 there shouldn't be any super mutants or at the least should still be in the west coast wasteland

  10. If solo is an option, I'm fine with that. I just don't want a game that requires that I have a PSN/Gold subscription just to play the game . But then again, I don't think that they're stupid enough to not put in an offline server for people that can't play online, but, we'll see what happens

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