Fallout 76 Full Stage Show | Bethesda E3 2018

Watch Todd Howard’s entire Fall Out presentation from the Bethesda E3 2018 press conference.

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  1. 23:58 me when I have guests over at my house and the children in my basement are yelling for help, and the guests hear them, and then there’s a brief pause before they dismiss it

  2. @23:38. Mr. Howard being very honest. I Iike the guy. People need to lay off. New Vegas fandom and how people behave about the Fallout games is disgusting. These people literally have no life or ethics. You can't please everyone. A baker cannot feed all under heaven. The super fans from SNL, that is who some of these people make me think of.

  3. Before this happened, I remember reading an article stating that 76 was gonna be entirely online. I didn't wanna believe it, and since Todd didn't open, saying it was, I thought "the article was wrong" but then when he finally said it, I was so pissed off. I honestly think, the game was an experiment of theirs. You can't tell me, that a developer who's been around as long as Bethesda has, and who has put out a number of amazing, single player, RPG's, doesn't know that there's a ton of bugs in their new, mmu game. They do tons of tests on the game, before they launch it. They probably planned on it being something they could mess with, and tweak, even after launching. He should've just said that here. That they're not used to developing mmu games, and that it's gonna take a little time for them to get it just right, and that it would launch with a number of bugs. How come here, he talks like it's their first, online game? Haven't they done Elder Scrolls online too? Im confused.

  4. This game could have been so much fun! running around the wasteland with your friends sounds amazing. The main issues was the whole microtransactions because everything has to be a games of service style game.

    It could be as simple as you are allowed three friends to go around with you and if you have three friends with you, the enemy difficulty is increase to still keep the challenge and suspense.

  5. Definitely should have launched the beta that day they announced it. Almost nearly 6 months they could’ve had it somewhat stable by the time of its release date

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