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It’s Bethesda Game Studios vs. Obsidian Entertainment in the battle between Fallout games. Fighting for Fallout 3 is Mike Mahardy and siding with New Vegas is Dave Jewitt. Watch and decide who you think argued their case better in our poll!

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  1. is this even a debate? As a professional surveyor, the first thing I see is that Fallout 3 has quite a good geoanaglyph and placement of the area elements! Fallout New Vegas on the other hand is something extremely sketchy and generic, something that would actually take only 18 months to make, even the desert of Sahara would be more multi-leveled than the flat space they threw, to quick sell a cheap designed game

  2. I just restarted new vages after 8 years I believe and damn I’m hooked once again I have like 24 hours on it already 💀 nothing better then wonder and doing missions on the wasteland listening to the in game radio nostalgia to the max for me I truly miss what games use to be

  3. I like them both but the setting in which Fallout 3 takes place feels more creepy and dark. I can't believe how much people look down on 3 to be honest.

  4. I like both but I love new Vegas also wtf fallout 3 why don’t you use the weapons cross hairs on your rifles just bruh

  5. I played both post classic games plus fallout 4 but I prefer 3. While I enjoyed all of them I feel like new vegas was watered down due to its focus on stuff like guns.
    Its not bad that they focus on guns because I like collecting them but its jsut makes it difficult to plan out your weapons for certain characters like because some enemies have weaknesses and bonus protection against something while fallout 3 is more personal about it. (I mean more personal about it as in it kinda just goes like: yeah this plasma rifle is gonna destroy anything while new vegas has like several variations of certain guns like the plasma defender. But besides guns, I think 3 is better because it doesn't feel like its very loose however it lacks in choices but remember that fallout 3's ending got inspiration from fallout brotherhood of steel so they would want you to get that ending they were aiming for.

  6. Fallout 3 has better exploration,random encounters better side quests with allot choices in them. Fallout new vegas has the best Choices in the main story and has allot more quests than Fallout 3. On top of that the Story is also better. Overall both are Great in their own ways.

  7. Vegas is more than a city, it's the remedy to mankind's … derailment. The city's economy is a blast furnace, in which can be forged the steel of a new rail line running straight to a new horizon. What is the NCR? A society of people desperate to experience comfort, ease, luxury. A society of customers. Give me 20 years and I'll reignite the high technology development sectors. 50 years and I'll have people in orbit. 100 years and my colony ships will be heading for the stars to search for planets unpolluted by the wrath and folly of a bygone generation. What I'm offering you is a ground floor opportunity in the most important enterprise on earth. What I'm offering is a future – for you, and for what remains of the human race.

  8. Ahh the NV fan boys. For starters, the guide book for 3 is insanely larger than nv which should tell you enough as is. The map size for both games is very similar but in nv a lot of the areas have invisible walls so you can’t explore them without mods. 3 does too, just less of them. The locations in 3 have way more depth and story behind them. The metro stations are ginormous with multiple locations within them alone. There are a good 20 main locations in nv that are just a location. No story, no loot just a location farms, dried lakes, small mines. Fonv has 6 add ons to 3s 5, but I spent more time in 3 completing them than I did nv. Fo3 holds game of year award, and “must play” 91 on meta vs nv which holds an 84 with no game of the year. I LOVE BOTH GAMES BUT FALLOUT 3 IS BETTER. Not an opinion, it’s a fact.

  9. I like Fallout 3's narrative and dlc better, but New Vegas has better side content and characters. It's so frustrating because I genuinely can't figure out which one I like more. I keep flipping every few years.

  10. I love the sense of dread FO3 establishes on the player, so FO3 takes the cake atmospheric wise. But New Vegas outclasses everything else..

    Except Moira, all the characters from New Vegas combined wouldn’t be as good as Moira Brown.

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