Dragon Quest XI’s Large New World – Gameplay

Upcoming PS4 RPG game Dragon Quest XI shows off free-roam and combat.

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  1. This game so reveals Square Enix's lie that FFVII Remake "can't" be in the same turn-based style of gameplay for what it is: a BS lie because they want gamers to fork over $60 multiple times.

  2. Battle system looks really stiff with these camera cuts and angles, the dull music doesn't help either, kind of a lacklustre presentation.

  3. This game looks sooooooooo awsome!!! Ive been a fan since the Nintendo days of dragon quest and this one got updated graphics with that classic turn based combat.. im in love will buy it even if it cost 200 usd 😍

  4. The main herois trunk but blondie also using the sword….2nd hero is goku+vegeta fusion saiyan blue….😑😑😑😑 previous game it goku or gohan…..

  5. the music is atrocious. why not just copy the music from Dragonquest 8 ? I have a feeling its not gonna have gameplay anywhere near Dragon quest 8. like everyone else they will just live on yet another name and get cash.

  6. Man I cannot wait for this! Although picking up stuff in the field looks a bit slow… they could have taken a hint from BOTW on that and had picking up items in the wild be quicker. I also wish more RPG's incorporated more interactivity in battles, such as being able to hit the button just as an attack lands to do a little bit of extra damage or prevent a little damage when hitting the button when an attack lands on your character. This game doesn't feature that by chance does it?

  7. Good. With this and Kingdom Hearts children's games out of the way, maybe SE will finally have the manpower to put into FFVII remake.

  8. ドラクエほど質の高いゲームはそうないぞ、オンラインばっかやってないでジャパニーズハイクオリティRPGをやれ!

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