Devil May Cry 5 Full Reveal | Microsoft Xbox E3 2018 Press Conference

Microsoft unveils Devil May Cry 5 at their Xbox 2018 E3 press conference.

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  1. I loved how enthusiastic and nervous Itsuno was. Even though his English wasn't very good the crowd loved him and I could tell he really was excited to announce a new game.

  2. I swear I hear that voice at the beginning say "redgrave has completely taken over". An alias for Dante is Tony Redgrave…what does it mean I wonder?

  3. At last. The a real TRUE SEQUEL of DMC4 – I waited it for so damn long! I hope that Nero and his princess lover are lovely-dovely and already husband and wife.

  4. Anyone notice how the new logo bears a striking resemblance to the necklace given to Kyrie by Nero? Something tells me this new game is going to have a rather sad start to it.

  5. Question: Since Nero lost his Devil arm, does that robotic arm gives Nero new upgrades after defeating bosses? or does Nero have search for new parts in order to upgrade his arm?

  6. LMAO!!!! This game will flop on Xbone! They don't have the initial fanbase like that of Sony's console. Bayonetta did poorly compared with PS3 and WiiU. The Ninja Gaiden series DIED on MS consoles, while Bayonetta 2 sold piss poor on Wiiu.
    Capcom, Tecmo, and Platinum don't know where their action/bloody/violent bread and butter fan base are! Capcom was surprised REmake, RE0, and RE4 didn't meet sales expectations on Nintendo Gamecube? Herp-a-derp! Nintendo is a "family friendly" console, you imbeciles!

  7. Why don't they just get a southerner to voice act? The fake over done ones are so cringey.
    I don't think most game devs know this yet but most anime are dubbed in Houston TX for the west.
    Actually microsoft had that original RPG on OG or 360 I forget that was dubbed in Houston too. No one sounds like that

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