Control – Official Reveal Trailer | Sony E3 2018

Sony shows off Control from Remedy Games at the E3 2018 Sony Press Conference. What do you think?

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  1. Alan Wake 2??
    I get it, you're waiting till game tech allows you to play AW it was meant to be played.
    Like writing reality in existence and creating your own unique story, sort of like a choose your own adventure book?

  2. Guys don't blame Remedy that they don't make QB2 or Alan Wake 2 it's because of Microsoft that they can't ,
    You can search on the internet that Sam lake who wrote both the games even max payne he wants to make the sequels
    he said that it's not meant to end in one part to complete the story so if you want to blame blame microsoft

  3. Amazing that I didn't notice any difference with the final product, except for some particle effects. Great game.

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