17 Minutes Of Spider-Man PS4 Open-World Gameplay | E3 2018

Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games brought their web-slinging PS4 action game to our E3 2018 stage for a live gameplay demo that featured a classic villain, The Shocker.

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  1. just wondering…when YOU DO SUCH A HUGE EVENT… anyone of you NOOB guys checking the Audio ?
    Obviously not.
    hope all Spider-Man fans get something good^^
    FVCK xBox

  2. You know, I'm really excited f–……..and what they accomplished what I really wanted, which is th-…….. And f-……..was my favorite villain of the bunch.

  3. one this game makes me want to replay the batman Arkham series that's good
    two i hope this game is so super successful that insomniac decides to use the profits to Finally give us Resistance 4
    cant wait

  4. it's a shame that a character that is universally beloved has a game that's exclusive to a certain group of people

  5. Sigh…Still not the web-swinging caliber of Spider-Man 2. We want to SWING!!! Not glide through the city! Stop pin-pointing every landing and making the movement so choppy…If I pin-point a landing on the edge of a building, I want it to be because a carefully calculated my momentum and swing power in order to do so…not because I just web-zipped to the exact location.

    Still looks like a promising game…but just disappointing to see that the swinging still isn't what it was for Spidey 2.

  6. I hope the Hud is customizable. Why do we need a minimap if we are just gunna see the icons littered around the gameworld as we are web swinging? Too much cluttering the screen takes away from beautiful visuals

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