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What We Expect From Microsoft At E3 2018

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Ben Hanson, Joe Juba, Ben Reeves, and Suriel Vazquez talk about the potential for games like Gears of War 5, Halo 6, and Forza Horizon 4 at Microsoft’s press conference during E3 2018….

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  1. This is something I've been wondering how does xbox having 3rd party games that play on pc, ps4 & maybe switch a is considered good but that's nothing to do with their actually first party games? Please explain.

  2. Come on Xbox really is gonna die if they don’t bring some great shit out the bag this year, there’s literally nothing on Xbox, my Xbox one has been sitting there collecting dust for a year

  3. As a proud 360 owner I have zero optimism for ms. I won't buy a one X.. because I'm not paying that money to play upscaled old games. Ms has really fucked up this gen

  4. HZD was the most sold exclusive, and it's sub 10% of the total PlayStation player base. Everything else adopts at about 5-7%. Less than 50% based on trophy tracking EVER complete the basic game. Sony's exclusives are the best in the business, but a stupid vocal minority would have you believe everybody plays them. Hardly anybody does, actually figuratively. Truth is the mass majority of both worlds are playing Fifa, Madden, 2k, Call of Duty, Battlefield and so on. We are all mostly playing the exact same crap in a different economic system.

  5. The only thing that could save Microsoft is Master Chief collection to pc with Reach and Halo 6 teaser.

  6. Even thought Xbox is currently the laughing stock of the industry, I believe this E3 they will NAIL it. I think they have a bunch of secrets in store. Let’s see if they can make a bit of a comeback

  7. Man the few years at e3 Xbox has shown no exciting games they had nothing but kiddie games no adult games at all and holy shit they love there racing games that's all they show at e3 I want to see adventure games like a Alan wake kind of games stuff like that sick of these kiddie games and racing games they show every year smh

  8. Fuck Microsoft . we need exclusives I'm really gonna switch if this e3 sucks . I'm sick of gears halo and forza . like who the fuck wants to keep playing that when Sony has better fresh and new exclusives

  9. If Microsoft just focuses on 3rd parties it's doomed. What's the point of their conference if they just show the same games that are coming to PC and PS4..? Now if they get 3rd party exclusivities that's different.

  10. So basically you got a bunch of your guys at GI who are all playstation users to make a video on their expectations for Xbox E3… smart…. this video was not helpful

  11. The last two years of E3 for Xbox was great. Looking forward to this year and Ill be there! Yes PS4 has the killer exclusive lineup for single player experiences but in my opinion Xbox is still the place for third party multiplayer experiences. Heres hoping for some new IP though.

  12. Please stop dude they did not show that many exclusives they showed more games that come out on the PS4 stop trying to make excuses to believe in this damn Xbox One it is no good dude I have it I have it the only reason why because of Gears of War 4 not because of Halo I don't think so that game sucks and they won anyway again over and over reminds me of a wannabe of Star Wars

  13. Course this s*** happens because people surprising about consoles then letting the companies fight for their selves I tell you man gamers are stupid none of these days back in the 90s we never thought and it was stupid of other people did fight for those systems I own the Super Nintendo and the Genesis and that's why I didn't fight but if I had to say something Microsoft sucks online servers are no good reminds me of the Xbox 360

  14. These two fools trying to find a reason why they stay with Xbox it's clear they have no games no exclusives everything mostly they showed comes out on the PS4 the PS4 is going to crush Microsoft this year in 2020 or PS5 will destroy the Xbox again don't care about us when are y'all going to get it

  15. That's why they came out with three systems the Xbox One then the Xbox S then the Xbox One X they just milking you for your money luckily I didn't buy the Xbox x my friend says and runs like a piece of s*** still

  16. Then there's people that see PlayStation 4 vs XBox One E3 stop Xbox already blew it Microsoft always as a s*** in people are blinded just like Trump when he went into office people think he's not doing nothing good in the Years but people are just blind and stupid and listen to stupid people this fake-ass news needs to stop

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