Tomb Raider Vs. Uncharted | Versus

It’s the battle of the Indiana Clones as we pit Tomb Raider against Uncharted. Fighting for Lara Croft is Tamoor Hussain and repping Nathan Drake is Oscar Dayus.

Uncharted 4 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy pushed the PlayStation-exclusive series to new heights, while Shadow of the Tomb Raider…

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  1. I like both! 😂…

    Uncharted is more cinematic and action movie. Great characters and story too. Beautiful environments! He’s right when he said it’s usually predictable when there’s no action in 20 mins… something will come up soon! I find it repetitive that bad things always happen to Drake and you need to take the alternate route and climb up or find a crate just to reach a higher ledge. But at least they tried to make each scenario somewhat interesting. The crates remind me of TLOU with the annoying 🪜. There are moments in UC4 where I felt bored. Not a very challenging game, AI is average.

    Tomb Raider became sandbox with many things to collect. TR has always been about puzzles so they win here. I also felt that they did a better job at making you think and more of a sole survivor/adventurer, which is supposed to be the point 😲. TR was and always is about Lara so it is ok not to have strong supporting casts like UC. NPC facial animations need work. Environments are well done too but not as grand as UC.

    Both are still great action/adventure games! Tie

  2. Honestly, the new tomb raider games are just shit. I played the shadow of the Tomb raider and it’s not even close to where uncharted is

  3. Tomb raider 2013 was great but I think Rise and Shadow are significantly worse than Uncharted series. I don't know how about PC but on console aiming sensitivity in tomb raider games is awful and there is no way to fix this.

  4. Uncharted is just too good there are so many iconic characters mechanics etc i havent tried a tomb raider game yet but judging on the little tomb raider i saw in this video the gameplay looks a bit worse than uncharted camera angles and stuff plus like i really didnt know who lara croft is until it came in fortnite maybe thats cause im a bit on the younger side but i have seen uncharted everywhere and the connections between the characters are amazing like who doesnt smile at how nathan and elena act with each other and the brotherly love of sam and nathan and sully and even tho im such a big fan of uncharted i agree that uncharted 3 was a bad game because they built the story around the mechanics but im sure if they didnt do that they wud have 5 of the best games (in my opinion)

  5. Uncharted 4 is one of the best games ive ever played… after rdr2… im trying to find out if this TR is similar to Uncharted because its on sale in the xbox store for only 13 bucks for the next 3 days… if its at all anything like Uncharted ill be all over it

  6. Tbh uncharted present day is way better then present day tomb raider but if you compare old day tomb raider and old day uncharted they come fairly close but the old tomb raider ones are better, and yes tbh Lara is more iconic then Nathan but that’s it, the uncharted side characters are definitely more iconic then the side characters in tomb raider though, and tbh I see Nathan as a future Indiana Jones, and yea I think Lara is more of a survivalist expert, all in all it comes really close but Uncharted takes the cake slighty.

  7. Tbh you can't really compare these franchises. TR is about adventure, puzzle solving, and shooting enemies here and there. Uncharted is a story focused, run n gun shooter. Yeah they have pretty much the same objectives but they are two very different ways of doing it.

  8. "The Y series would not exist without X, therefore X is better" has got to be one of the cheapest arguments ever. But gotta say I enjoyed this debate, good job guys. 🙂

  9. I’d watch uncharted Story on line without playing it but TR? I would actually want to play it. Uncharted is like cinematic experience whereas tomb raider is an experience everything that that is going on you have to figure out how to get out of it

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  11. first of all uncharted is an exclusive game so one point is minus for that and they are both same except t he character so my vote goes to tomb raider how the character developed how the enviironment change and the story getting more interesting too so by one point of lead tomb raider is win this

  12. This is a bad discussion, the young dude, doesn’t make any points. I think this could be a really cool discussion and the bearded guy hints at some really good points however they never go beyond “my game good, yours bad” even though it’s clear they both like both franchises.

  13. I grew up playing both franchises as a kid and I love uncharted for what it is but hands down I have to give it to tomb raider because my mother introduced me to this series and Ive been playing it ever since. I also have to agree that uncharted really wouldn't exist without tomb raider and the community has supported the TR series for over 25 years. I gotta give credit were credit is due.

  14. I'm very subjective, I don't know what the actual and real success is among the game lovers, but I would really like the TOMB RAIDER series to "win" clearly.
    For me, the last three games in the T.R series were a disappointment and I have been waiting (for a long time) for a game from this franchise that will "turn my back on me".
    I think that if he remade, for the beginning, the two games T.R Legend and T.R Anniversary, with intelligent enemies, updated graphics and a few more elements of the present, he would be very successful.

  15. I think Uncharted is a lot less depended on nathan drake than tomb raider is on lara croft. Ofc nathan drake = uncharted, but not in the way that lara croft = tomb raider. Uncharted already showed with their great side characters, and even a game without nathan, that they can deliver a great uncharted experience. I’m not sure if lara croft can be seperated from tomb raider in the same way and we would be left with

  16. oscar is a literial child not givng tamoor time to speak and complaining "will you shut up now!" and he did not make a good argument and just slander rather then reconize what tomb raider is .

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