The Witcher 3 Vs. Zelda: Breath Of The Wild | Versus

We pit two classic open world adventures against each other. Fighting for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is Dave Jewitt and repping The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is Will Potter. But which game comes out on top? Watch and decide who you think argued their case better in our poll!


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  1. Please see my comment. Breath of the wild is completely winner. This only my opinion. Witcher 3 is just like other old games. It just have best story on them all. On the other hand, breath of the wild is the best revolutionary open world. It easily surpasses any other. You had to explore to find all of the quests and then it's solution is also puzzle like. You had to explore and solve this puzzle to reach your destination. Mechanics and combat of Witcher 3 is old and not remarkable in any sense. It's quest mechanics are repeatetive. Marker and instructions are given in your map. You find clues by using Witcher sense and ultimately reach to your destination. There is not real exploration and problem solving. But it's story is just great. It also give any meaningful choices and characters. On the other hand breath of the wild has many unique quests. You had to explore or solve riddles to reach your destination. It is more challenging than any other games. There is a great satisfaction when you completed all of it. Yes it lacks a meaningful story. Because of this reasons, Breath of the wild is much much better game than any other open world games.

  2. BoTW is the best open world game I played, it’s just insane how polished the game is and so many references, the boss fights are insane and these monster AI movement and attack patterns is just epic. Even the combat is just polished to a single detail. I really can’t compare anything with BoTW because it’s insanely ahead of other games.

  3. Witcher 3 is more story and beautiful world but no real interaction with the world. Zelda BotW is all about interacting with the world, but less population and way less story.

  4. Physics: Zelda, Combat: Zelda

    Story: Witcher, Character depth : Witcher

    Not a Zelda fanboy and BOTW is my first Zelda game. I've played both and I love Witcher 3 but I can't say that the Witcher is better when I've wasted a long weekend just playing Zelda, the puzzles and the ease of play are just so astonishing. Just flying over Hyrule and the ease of use of the gameplay mechanics is just so brilliant. It's truly a relaxing pass time. Playing Zelda makes me happy, playing Witcher intrigues me.

  5. Witcher is a better game and a true modern masterpiece but breath of the wild blew my mind because they did all that and made a clearly better polished game on a system more or less powerful than a phone. Imagine if the console had PC level horsepower. Mind bending stuff coming soon from them.

  6. He gotta be delusional and desperate to put Zelda over the Witcher 3. 10 years from now and the Witcher 3 will be still praised as a masterpiece. No one will care about Zelda only the crazy fanboys who can't grow up

  7. Once the dude started to criticize story and characters in the Witcher 3 it turned to straight delusions. Did he even play the game past the Bloody Barren?

  8. Zelda for little boys The Witcher is for grown men and woman. Go back to your lifeless open world children the adults will be solving bigger problems than some simp boy and his Princess 🤣

  9. Gerald the white wolf, demons slayer, badass, jump from a 2 m height dies. Combat is about dodging and striking, no real strategy or freedom. As soon as you see an enemy is the map you lose control of his movement because he is now in combat mode, no matter if you don’t want to fight and just want to keep running, only way to escape is you guess it, rolling and dodging. And speaking about the world, towns , caves , blacksmiths, bandits camps, monsters nest, and so one, it’s all the same, you only go to the marker on the map as place of interest. And more is not better, the Witcher has way more enemies variety than botw, but no matter if you are fighting a random bandit or a high level enemy boss, it boils down to the same thing, having good armor good weapons, signs, dodge roll and strike. In botw you can beat anyone anywhere with whatever you got, the main important thing is the player skill level. After coming out 4 years ago, you can see the level of skill of certain players, the more they play the better they are, in the Witcher 3 there is no such thing.

  10. I wish I found this video back in the day. I love both of these games a lot, especially Breath Of The Wild, but whoo boy did I feel like trying to defend his story was a stretch. As much as I personally liked the take on Zelda herself in flashbacks, the story in Breath Of The Wild was practically nonexistent. And he downplayed the story of previous Zelda titles in the same breath, which was baffling to me. I adore Breath Of The Wild but I would never consider it to have a proper story. It has little nuggets of a story I admittedly enjoy, but it's lacking in way too much I feel. As for the actual open worlds: I did prefer Witcher 3 being more populated. But I will never ever defend Geralt's inability to climb or resist the urge to die from falling more than two feet. I literally died in the tutorial because I missed a ladder and fell down. And Geralt is absolutely awful to try and control against a group of enemies. Which speaking of the combat; I think Witcher 3's is overrated and putting too much blame on players for its own faults. Geralt becomes unbearably stiff when chucking a bomb or using his crossbow. The crossbow makes sense, but the bombs really don't. And then there's crowd control. While I feel Breath Of The Wild is also a bit iffy when it comes to crowd control, elemental weapons and flurry rushes mitigate the issues tremendously. Lightning arrows actually make it a non issue when you have a lot and it's raining. But Geralt is way more reliant on enemies taking turns like a turn-based RPG after he spams dodge to get close enough to an archer to kill that guy. Doesn't help that he becomes stiff as a board when throwing bombs. And typically when he goes to do it against a crowd actively fighting him he winds up throwing it practically at himself as an enemy gets in his face at the last second. I love Witcher 3 too, but combat feels like such an overrated chore to me at times. And for humans at least, it never feels intentional when I'm hitting a wall with them that just feels like Geralt is ill equipped from a gameplay standpoint to handle them. Inversely, he is super prepared to fight monsters and I can't recall a single time a monster was a real headache to deal with.

    This comment ended up being way longer than I intended it to be, but I feel that's alright. I just wanted to express a few things about games I ultimately love but have a few things I wish were better in each.

  11. Ведьмак 3?
    Да что вы понимаете в играх?
    Не прошёл пока, что не одну из них.
    Но могу сказать одно. Ведьмак 3 просто взял все лучшие из прошлого и удачно попал в 2015 год, все конкуренты уже умерли, остался только ведьмак 3.
    Поляки не слишком креативны. Ничего в их игре нету такого. Да графика, да взята система боя как у Ассасина…
    Возьми Зельду. Взяты и чужие идеи , но в то-же время добавили в игре физику. В ведьмак 3 ничего нету вплане физики, чисто скрипты….
    Зельда может удивить тебя в баталии, там может, что-то пойти не так.
    Даже Финал Фентази 7ремейк тоже решила взять немного идей из Зельды)).
    Да Зельда более пустая, однако прошу заметить… PC vs Nintendo))) gtx3080 vs GTX 550ti )) считаю, что успех ведьмака ещё связан с графикой. Поляки как раз ничем не могли удивить в 2007 году)))). И только когда появилось мощное железо, только тогда пришёл успех).
    Зельда TOP1 game…

  12. I feel while playing the Witcher 3 I am playing the Mini map a lot of the time. I'm not even paying attention where I'm going I'm just following the dots which is a big negative for me.

  13. Needless to say, Witcher 3 is a great RPG and one of the best games of the year. But Botw is undoubtedly the best RPG of all time, and of all genres, only Minecraft can compare.

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