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The First Hour Of Days Gone's Gameplay

In this exclusive gameplay video, Game Informer’s Ben Hanson is joined by Days Gone’s creative director John Garvin and game director Jeff Ross to walk through and show off the first hour of this open-world PlayStation 4 exclusive. Learn more…

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  1. I had the PS4 wen it came out & I totally regret selling it years back!!! I think my parents got me a new slim PS4 for Xmas so I pray I can get this game this year!!!! Hopefully in a bundle pack but i think the PS4 is coming with the Jedi bundle pack… who knows, i haven't been to Gamestop for the longest, this time around I am keeping it!!!! Fr!!!

  2. The only two things I don’t like about this game is

    1: they cut a lot dialogue from the first actual hour of the game, which messes with me.

    2: how quickly they took out Boozer. They kinda led us on like Boozer was gonna be a guy that you could call for backup when shit got rough out there. Plus it kinda hurt my feelings seeing Boozer not able to ride

    With that being said, it’s still a great game to me. And I can’t wait for a sequel(if the rumors are true)

  3. Been thinking about replaying this game a lot. Want to try new game plus and survival difficulty, especially since this game was such a sleeper hit for me.

  4. "Supplies pretty limited"? That's bullshit. Deacon has way more resources and supplies than other characters in zombie apocalypse games which is why he can fucking shoot 100 freakers in a horde, wasting bullets with a semi automatic gun.LOL.

    For an apocalypse he has access to far too much weapons and ammunition. They say it's only 2 years in the apocalypse but you couldn't have as much access to weapons and ammunition now in the real world than what you could have in this fucking game.

    This game is fucking stupid for the fact that it has infected people(freakers) normal bandits going around, crazy cultists going around and zombie/infected animals like bears and shit all co existing and still there is enough ammo to go around. Man kind would have been extinct long ago with the amount of threats in that world, throw in the fact that the infected are apex predators, more powerful and faster than your average man or animal. They could literally run through a camp and wipe out everyone since they don't need to rest as there non infected counter parts do. They aren't naturally degrading and dying out like the infected do in the last of us or the walking dead. People in this world are so cavalier that they hunt freakers for sport and use ears as currency.??? that's some z nation shit!

    This game can be likened to "Z nation" the tv series where as the last of us would have been more like "the walking dead" when that show was at its best. Oh and I saw how they tried to make a indirect jab at "the last of us" by saying it is not like they are 20 yrs in the Apocalypse as to justifies how car batteries still worked where as "the last of us" game's story took place 20yrs after its outbreak and had working vehicles as if to say that made that game less grounded.

    This game does not even deserve to be compared with "the last of us." It should be compared to "state of decay". It's more "state of decay" than "the last of us". It's an action heavy game. More arcade than simulation. It is to "the last of us" what "outrun" was to "hard driving" or "test drive".

    This fucker used another jab at "the last of us"'by saying we have plenty of things to cause distractions and don't need to waste bottles, another indirect underhand comment since "the last of us" used bottles as distraction.

    If they were so innovative and creative why the fuck didn't they make and bring out "days gone" before "the last of us" came out? "The last of us" fucking inspired them then they have the fucking nerve to look down on it, looking down on a game from 2013.

    These fuckers are lucky that naughty dog allowed them to have their time in the spot light and held back releasing "the last of us 2" since it was ready at the time this was released and would have effected "days gone's" sales since its a B tech "the last of us."

    "Tombraider" or "uncharted". For me "uncharted" all day long. "Days gone" or wait for "last of us 2". I'll wait! I've seen enough playthroughs of this game to know that it's not for me just like I know "state of decay" and "world war z" the movie is not for me either. Days gone is like the opening act or the warm up, like trailers in a cinema where as "the last of us 2" is the main event. Just like being at the movies.I'll come in late after the trailers, buy my pop corn and sit down just as "the last of us 2"starts.

  5. This game looks incredible but developers sure know how to ruin masterpieces like this these days by putting characters permanently on the left of the screen which disorientates me sometimes, is it possible to move the camera so the character is in the middle of the screen all the time?

  6. Such a great game. I've finished the main story. I still get scared by some of the zombies. One of the few games I want to 100%.

  7. Just shows Sony playerbase compares every third person post-apocalyptic titles into as TLOU clones, damn gaming illiterates enclosed to linear derivatives

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