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State Of Decay 2 Co-op – New Gameplay Today Live

Join Game Informer’s Brian Shea, Jeff Marchiafava, and Andrew Reiner for an office team building exercise in the post-apocalypse.

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  1. The stream should have followed the host. We need to see what it takes to maintain the facility and what he sees. Plus he seems to care about his game. The guy we are following doesn't seem to have a clue.

  2. Sea Of Decay?? XD
    I guess it's only $30.. but wow does this game look like janky trash. I did watch the entire 2 hr game play and never saw a single thing that would make me want this. I do like some of the ideas of this game… just seems execution is way off. And too bad it's the co op mode that is so janky… that would be the only fun in playing IMO. I suppose they will fix some things and add patches as they go.

  3. Wow man the comments… as much as I am looking forward to Days Gone, this looks fine. Different tone and looks like a mix between deadrising and the sims. I would likely play it on my PC at some point …

  4. They need to fix the player flash light. It's pretty terrible. Hopefully in the days and weeks to come they patch this up. Looking rough around the edges.

  5. Hmmmm, still doesn't look like everything I wanted in SoD2 but I'm sure I will enjoy my time with it and will fill my the zombie hole in my life until Days Gone. No way am I playing co-op though! It will ruin my friendships.. -_-

  6. At the beginning of the video, the fella "acted" like a zombie.

    Would be a great mechanic if you could do this to fool zombies in the game, to slip past them.

  7. The guy that's recording this seems like he's never played a video game in his entire life. That being said, if this is the type of people that a channel with the name of "game informer" is hiring, then it has already lost me as a viewer due to an overwhelming lack of confidence in their ability to provide an "informed" opinion of this, or any other game…

  8. so when a zombie bites a human they get damaged and eventually die, if the plague zombie bites you, you become infected and eventually die.. One question? How did the zombie apocalypse happen, what made them zombies?

  9. I havent seen motorcycles on this game. Meanwhile in days gone the motorcycles are the one shown as working and primary transport on the game. hmmmmm

  10. The biggest change in State of Decay 2 is that the American midwest is apparent made up of 90% black, asian or latino people.

  11. anybody knows how to sleep/ rest as a guest player ? ( without exiting the session ) in addition , does the switched member rest while you play in friend's session ?

  12. I tell you what, I thought the same thing, " LOOKS LIKE SHIT" but it's like a beauty is only skin deep type of thing, you put what you've read or heard aside and play the game you'll find it's fun as hell, what it lacks In looks it makes up for it in every other aspect, I really liked it when started playing, so if your interested just shut up and try it, you'll come away with a different opinion, sometimes looks ain t everything

  13. It’s been a couple weeks since the game released and there’s still some problems to be fixed. There’s nothing “game breaking” like all the whiny fuckin babies are trying to make them out to be. The game is fun as hell, with a bit of frustrating horseshit every once in a while. I’m on day 44 of my second run using my “sheriff” boon (which doesn’t really seem to do much until you move to a new territory). In all, the game is well worth getting the ultimate edition, the weapons and resources you get from the air drops are essential to a quick start, plus, you get those drops for EVERY new community you start. So if you have the means to, you can create multiple “dummy” games to pile up the ultimate drop shit. Call in the drops, scoop up the loot, go to a buddy’s game, drop them on the floor, leave the game, join back in with your main community, and grab the shit off the floor. I did this 9 times to be able to outfit all of my characters with the 5.56 weapon (5.56 is the ammo type) while I’m not actively using the characters. It comes with a sight and a built in suppressor, so it’s the ideal cpu used gun.

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