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Revealing The Ambitious Development Of Days Gone

In this exclusive Game Informer video, Sony Bend opens up on the full development history of their PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone. The video features new gameplay alongside interviews with creative director John Garvin, game director Jeff…

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  1. Love the game ever since ps1 syphonfilter i hope someday Bend studio will make a game like this but in ice age or human dinosaurs era or ghosts hunting like Fatal Frame?

  2. I wonder how Long and how much did they spend making this game. Also, how many people were there to help create this game

  3. I love this game. Whenever I start it up, I can't put the controller down. I find myself staying up ALL night playing it. Red Dead ll is the only other game that's done that to me. Days Gone deserved better review scores, but who cares about reviews. I just hope Bend studio knows how many people actually love the game, regardless of dumb reviewers. I give it a 9/10. Side note, I've spoken to two of the devs in this video. The bigger guy, who wrote the game, and was creative director, and the bald guy with the goatee, who was the game director. They're super nice guys. I actually spoke to the bald guy long before the game even came out. He's the one that played the game at E3 2016 when they showed off live gameplay. The following year, I sent him a funny ass video on Facebook, of two guy's, and a girl, reacting to the live gameplay, and then he shared it, and told me how it made him crack up.

  4. Days gone is one of my favorite games, really proud of both Bend & Sony. This video clearly demonstrates the passion and ambition the devs had behind this game and most of it came to life. I really do hope days gone 2 gets confirmed.

  5. “Sustain interesting encounters that don’t repeat.” Lol is that why i bump into a guy who’s stuck in a car about to be eaten by freaks every 5 minutes of riding around? ?

  6. Just finished completing Days Gone story mode and can't wait to see Days Gone 2. My guess is Days Gone 2 will be situated in Portland since Sarah mentioned that the outbreak started from there.

  7. Hey, thanks for the experience! Great game honestly, besides the fact that it’s not perfect ,it was an awesome experience , it’s not the typical shooter that is more one dimensional, this one comes and goes to many different places , it makes you sweat, tear, laugh (and I’m not going to lie) a few times it feels a little repetitive and slow BUT nevertheless it’s a game that became my friend, and now by seeing the developers eyes when they speak about it, suddenly made sense ; thank you guys! those six years were worth it. And I’m pretty sure the only thing that’s missing in your company is me and my v7 racer bike ,I’m a computer animator from VFS and I would love to participate with such a great team. Long live Days Gone.

  8. The game is NOT perfect but it is filled with passion from its creators and it shows. It's a very special kind of game and proved what the studio can accomplish

  9. What I want from Days Gone 2:

    Better companion moments
    A darker, more engaging story
    A selection of outfits to wear (underneath the biker cut)
    Companions changing outfits (e.g: Red Dead 2)
    Better human villains
    More weapons
    More customisation options

  10. BEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED IN MY LIFE. BETTER THAN THE WITCHER 3…since the straight white male is taboo now for some reason because SOME PEOPLE are hell bent on that past and not focused on the future, we will never see a sequel to this unless someone grows a pair for once

  11. im just enjoying this game after all these years, since it came to PC… how i wish for a sequel. what a great team and outstanding game. defitnitely one of my favorites along with dead space

  12. I noticed the attention to detail in this game goes all the way down to them rendering proper gear shifting and clutch management on the bikes. Everyone needs to experience this game, especially fans of open world games.

  13. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. As a loyal fan of your game, I am proud of your awesome achievement. I've placed it through four times. Thank you for my experience with Days Gone. ??


  15. Unfortunately the days of 'just good video games' in the industry on an tripple A level are gone. You can't make a game that is just old school. All have to be the same nowadays. This is the most underappreciated game on the PS4.

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