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Replay – Rage

With Rage 2 on the way, there’s no better time to look back on id Software’s 2011 shooter Rage, which earned a 9 out of 10 from Game Informer.

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  1. I loved this game, but I'd always run out of steam halfway through. Played it like 3 times up until the point you move to the subway city. I'm optimistic for the sequel.

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  3. Playing this on the One atm and I have to admit that it still looks fantastic. As others stated it's a bit too linear but the gunplay is great. Hope Rage 2 delivers!

  4. Avalanch studios make some of the best explosions in the industry so expect the sequel to be Bombastic! with great weapons.

  5. Fun game. Fun weapons. Loved my death race car. Bad ending. But honestly hated Mad Max the game…it felt so grindy and the fact that upgrading your bases did nothing for you was a complete waste of time.

  6. ALEC WHERE ARE YA……. how about look a the fucking blip on the mini map… jezz that's games journalists for you. absolutely useless when it has anything to actually do about games.

  7. The character visual designs are great! All the NPC look memorable and different. Too bad you barely interact with them.

  8. Hey guys, we never liked the first Rage anyway. Let's s**t on it for an hour ,before the next one comes out.Oh boy I can't wait.Great content from Game Informer. Thanks guys!

  9. Getting on a zipline in RE5 with a chainsaw zombie right behind, or RE4 where you can dunk a gigante in LAVA right after you zipline

  10. Nice replay of this ok but interesting and unique for ID Post Apocalyptic semi Open World FPS (combining Borderlands, Obsidian Fallout, The Road Warrior and Doom together) game.

  11. What is more likely to happen in the future? Half life 3 to be released or andrew reiner shaving off that goatee that he has had for the 25 years he has been at game informer?

  12. Bro I honestly don't want to be THAT guy, because I know it's like 20 or so years old, but I just started watching Buffy recently, so thanks for ruining that. 👌🏼

  13. Picked this up right from the liquidation sale at the last Blockbuster™ in my city. I ended up putting in almost 60 hrs on the card game and 4 hrs main game. Same thing with Red Dead where I played Yahtzee and blackjack for a month without killing anyone. The gun noises we're the most satisfying I played since, besides that spiritual sequel to Demon Souls. As Well as Far Cry 2.

  14. I love that she sends you out to look for a missing guy from her tribe, you find him dead getting his face eaten off, and she’s just like “Oh, well that sucks. Anyway here’s something for your trouble.” That’s the kind of pathos that made this game an emotional powerhouse.

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