Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Review

Ship management and naval battles fit neatly into the dark fantasy setting of Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire.

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  1. All the people comparing it to DOS 2… You cant really compare these games, because they are VERY different ( combat system, attributes and how they work, the stories are soo different, how you travel the game world, … ) Thats why you can like one game and dont like the other, not because one is worse than the other, rather because they are just very different.

  2. They really ripped off the musical themes from Skyrim. It was pretty obvious in the first game that Jeremy Doyle’s music was an influence, but the theme at the beginning of this vid was a shameless copy.

  3. The review didn't show up in my subscriptions. Man youtube with it's nonsensical algorithms, literally not showing me the only thing I am subscribed for.

  4. Party of 5… too big too many. Why are the ship battles are so lame.. Still, I will pick it up at a lower price. Hopefully it's better then first one. To this day I couldn't finish it, got too boring.

  5. Neverwinter Nights 2 fighting is more dynamic than this game sad.These games are so dumb down these days can't stand it.

  6. This game is effing weird: right in the moment when it reached the most positive impression on me, the next second I didn't care about anything in it anymore, and it's a struggle to convince myself to start it again. (Once I crossed the sea the first time.) But it's probably worth mentioning that roughly that time I also was interested enough in getting over a tangle that stopped my progress in Pillars of Eternity 1, and so I guess I had my fill of the currently unique but kind of "meh" Obsidian design.

  7. You say the prose or narrator can be unnecessarily verbose. I don't think that's really the (main) problem, but that they always try to be "clever" and cagey with character dialogue and descriptions that can be perfectly straightforward and clear. For all I care they can even use longer sentences if they are clearer and more to the point. Anyhoots, even banal dialogue can get so annoying and I almost don't want to talk to anyone, just because it'll be so "clever" and cagey and "full of character" and sarcastic and indirect etc. about absolutely nothing.
    Compare to the original Planescape Torment. It never tried to be clever, just tell something interesting. That impacts even the quest design and story of this game.

  8. The game is too powerful for my PC. Gotta wait till it hits consoles. Kind of a shame because I'd like to import my characters from the first one, but I guess it gives me time to actually do play through of part 1 on PS4.

  9. When the reviewer says that the isometric view is a bit of a throwback, I think he missed the whole point of the Kickstarter campaigns that led to these games.

  10. Divinity original sin 2 (And one for that matter) been released before it, yet they had better graphic.
    I liked both games, but couldn't help to notice that.

  11. I'm having such a hard time deciding between this and Divinity Original Sin 2 right now (the eyepatch-wearing dwarf slightly makes me lean towards Divinity, plus the environemtn interaction) that said….Pillars is the BG-2 sequel I've wanted for nearly 20 years.

  12. Yes I have pc but I really want this game to release on Xbox one. I'm playing pillars of eternity currently and as a recent dnd player I'm thoroughly enjoying it and can't wait for this game

  13. Crap: because…like how a teacher take time off you as punishment – this game takes ages from you in compulsory cut-scene-clicking. I will never buy from this company again.

  14. Are you able to change the fonts in the game? Part of a review for a game like this should reveal if it’s suitable for dyslexics, if there’s a large amount of reading involved imho. I’m interested in this game as it looks pretty fun but, I’m dyslexic and it’ll be a huge negative mark against it if you can’t change to a font that is easier to read. In fact, it’ll be the only reason I wouldn’t buy it.
    Please let me know if I’m able to change the font, as I say, I’m pretty interested in this if I’m able to do so. 🙂

  15. Man, I'm considering whether to buy this or POE 1, and gotta say that dropping the real time combat system made me favor this one many times better

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