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New Gameplay Today – State Of Decay 2 (4K, 60FPS)

Brian Shea is back from his early look at the long-awaited sequel to State of Decay, and Hanson, Cork, and Leo want a look too. Shea takes us on a relaxed-pace tour of the world in an effort to secure some song lyrics, and (spoilers) kill some…

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  1. this looks great. Glad to see this compared to some of the other sites that posted their gameplay. It's funny how much it matters how someone plays a game when trying to see if it looks good. Thanks for the upload and thoughts.

  2. the ONLY bad thing is that your friends won't share your base. It won't be like "our base" but more like they will help you build your base….that sucks. I don't wanna grind my base and then my friends bases

  3. this game is nothing without story line….cant wait for dlc….i hope it doesnt take years to get dlc-s out…

  4. There never were binoculars, just that as an icon on the mini-map for the recon towers. Also followers in the first game would cost you 100 influence to use each time and were dismissed every time you started a mission. This game however apparently there is no influence cost to ask a community member follow you. Did you guys even play the first game or was it just a quick preview you did five years ago?

  5. As a person that owns pretty much every console there is and a high end PC I gotta say you people will argue about fuckin anything. The game looks fine and when you say "It looks cartoonish!" well no shit that's the art style they went for. That's like saying Cuphead or Shovel Knight looks too old or retro. Stop bitching about everything and just play the damn game and enjoy it if you enjoy it or don't. There's no need to bring down everyone else that's excited about the game. I'm saying that to everyone too regardless of what you play on. It's getting fucking annoying seeing fellow gamers bitch at each other because of a fucking brand name. Grow up and stop being babies.
    ~ Sincerely a real gamer.

  6. Its kind of shocking to me how console plebs still argue with eachother lol. I guess i just assumed everyone else got their shit together and got a gaming PC years ago… oops. MY BAD. Pleb on by all means.

  7. jogging lol.
    Why is this on PC stupid microsoft!
    If sony is doing this kind of shit then I would have bought wii or xbox since I could just play sony's exclusive on PC.

    I look at microsoft studio's first party and they were all bullshit. 🙁 No wonder this looks not good.

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