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New Gameplay Today – Pillars Of Eternity II: Deadfire

Join Miller, Cork and Leo as they battle some pirates and participate in a naval battle (OK, they lose) in Obsidian’s new sequel.

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  1. I don't know why but i would always get this confused for this one game called dungeon of the endless? I think that's what it's called but idk why

  2. I must say playing the first one after playing DivinityOriginalSin was a bit like having an omelette after the fanciest pizza. They go for absolutely different things but I feel D:OS is more looking forwards and PoE backwards. Still an excellent and welcome serie though 🙂
    Edit : Miller ends the video on this very argument (except better put). So yay for Miller.

    Yay for Cork too, actually.

    And hey for Leo.


    Editedit :
    Actually that last joke was good.
    Huzzah for Leo.

  3. Wow i didn't know the graphics looks a lot better than the first.
    I might actually try to scoop this one as well, since i found the first one to be meh.
    But the sequel actually looks worthy.

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