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New Gameplay Today – Earthfall

Game Informer’s Jeff Cork, Brian Shea, Ben Hanson, and Holospark’s Chris Archer attempt to beat a mission in the new Left 4 Dead-inspired game Earthfall. Pray for us.

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  1. I think they should take out the friendly fire or lower the percentage of damage your teammates receive. But other than that I am so excited am happy that this is coming for the ps4 💖💖

  2. Is this gonna have a versus mode like left 4 dead cause if they do, voting to kick is gonna be annoying again lol but I am so excited for a aka left for dead type game to come out

  3. Looking good, but that Borderlands radio chatter crap must go… Do what Left 4 Dead did right: immersion. It's somewhat broken in Earthfall with all the text and whatnot that's not visually connected to the environment.

  4. I work at gamestop and they want me to ask people to pre-order CODBLOBS 4 well now I'm going to push this game. This game looks awesome.

  5. Bro before they even said it..first thing that came to mind was L4D..and was just talkin about how they need to gone ahead and make a L4D3

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