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New Gameplay Today – Days Gone (Alpha Gameplay)

In this exclusive video, Game Informer’s Jeff Cork, Leo Vader, Jeff Marchiafava, and Ben Hanson show off several missions taking place in Sony Bend’s open world game for the PlayStation 4. Learn more about Days Gone in our exclusive hub -…

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  1. Next time get someone who actually knows how to play the game on basic level and also knows when to open/close their fucking trap. You're just giving your game bad pr when you let a moron showcase it!

  2. I'm sorry before I do love this game and I know that u try to explain this game but please do lest talk please that's help me a lot to understand the game ty🙂🙂🙂

  3. Can you turn OFF HIT MARKERS their annoying but not knowing if you’ve killed or hit your target makes it far more rewarding and challenging also it’s a fucking visual annoyance to see on the screen

  4. I love that it takes place in Oregon, my home state. I can't think of a single game with this setting, the environment is absolutely beautiful. Kudos to Bend Studio!

  5. Here's a good DLC later on – Plain and simple Tweaker Freaker hive is in an abandon meth lab. What would all those chemicals and battery acid, etc do to all the freakers that the disease hasn't already done.- Freakers Tweakers- Now that would be crazy swarms on rails literally! LOL Great job on the game. Congrats on the game Cheers!

  6. Ok the only thing I hate is not changing clothes and is it true only one ending hate that think open world games should have choices with different endings base on those choices like The Witcher 3 gives the game more reasons to replay but I’m still getting it because I love post apocalypse and open world games thanks Sony for not giving up on single player games like everyone else.

  7. Boozer, not boomer. It's cuz he likes ro drink. Booze= boozer. I guess you really didn't like the game much. This game needs ro be played alone in a dark room with nice headphones on. It's not the same otherwise. Most certainly not with other pp and you talk all the time.

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