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New Gameplay Today – Dauntless

Dan Tack joins Cork and Leo to make a case for the free-to-play Monster-Hunter-like Dauntless, available today in beta on PC.

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  1. I have a question because I was just trying to launch the game and I had the problem where it was coming up with a grey screen. I checked up on task manager and nothing was maxing out so I was wondering what is wrong.

  2. 20:01 They are kinda evil, yes. I mean, they don't really intend on wiping out mankind but their basic behaviour is consuming aether aka the stuff that makes the islands float. So if they eat too much of it the island just falls out of the sky which is not really that desirable. They are also very territorial and will attack humans who get too close.

  3. I think one thing I have learned from playing the Dauntless Open Beta is that I would not like MHW either. Too on the rails for me.

  4. This game is pay 2 win. It's better if you just get Monster Hunter World than this. However, we need more monster hunter styled games. Dam Monster Hunter got it's own genre.

  5. The guy playing this sounds very defensive of dauntless whenever the others make a semi-joke poking at it or asking questions that don't frame the game nicely.

  6. Is there a Story ? "No"
    Is there Cooking ? "No"
    Is there anything else than hitting monsters for abour 30 minutes ? "No!"

  7. I left a like but y'all sounded like y'all wanted to make money off of it by doing a complete review…… To the point to where it looked like the devs paid you to review it….don't gimme wrong…y'all covered a lot…but I feel like a more thorough walk through would be much better…..idk…just saying that it would be better if y'all were more genuine honestly

  8. I test the game today and I haft to say it’s a amazing made game and I play solo when I out for a hunt but a tips: play with group bec it’s easier. I only play solo bec I get more xp but it’s harder

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