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How Days Gone Hopes To Win Over Skeptics

In this exclusive Game Informer interview featuring new gameplay, Days Gone’s creative director John Garvin shares his thoughts on the game industry’s potential for “zombie fatigue” and why Sony Bend’s open-world game will stand out when it…

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  1. People keep associating I Am Legend as having zombies. No people, they are darkseekers, they behave like vampires because they were modeled after vampires with different behavioral patterns.

  2. The game has a lot of stolen elements from other games and has no originality, except for the zombie that has never been so many times in the gamplay and motorists struggling for life in the post-apocalyptic world.

  3. Don't get me wrong, I'll most certainly get this game, but the guy does a pretty shitty job at pitching it, he hasn't really said anything to win over doubtful people

  4. The fighting system seems boring
    Its basically just cover and shoot when your fighting small groups

    And for hordes is just keep running for 5 minutes while shooting explosives

    The gameplay they showed was end game so if the only combat you get is to shoot explosive then i dont have high hopes for this game

  5. There is no zombie fatigue. The only guys complaining about zombie fatigue are those that don't play zombie games, and video game "journalists", even we even call that a job.

  6. I was really excited for Days Gone until the people making Days Gone started talking about Days Gone. When asked how they're going to combat zombie fatigue, his answer is that they aren't even trying to because he really like zombies? And all of their answers boil down to "Just play it and see." That's nice, but are you going to let people play it for free? Or are you going to ask them to give you $60 before they get to play without actually giving them any assurances as to the quality? No one talking about this game has said anything to make me as excited as I was when I saw the first gameplay.

  7. "It's like, they can spit fire out of their ass. Whatever." I know that this video is about Days Gone but this quote is golden.

  8. the reason for zombies? aliens to far out there and demons they shoot fire out of their asses ( this man took shots at duke nukem and doom two games that are massively better than this painfully generic open world zombie game)

  9. I feel so bad for this guy, now the game is out and is getting all this hate, he seems so passionate about it and just looks like a nice kinda guy who’s work is being shat on and it’s really sad looking at him because it kinda shows that it hurts. I’m ashamed to say that i gave into the hate it got in the beginning and decided to not get it, figuring it must be bad,

    but the more I heard about it from peoples personal perspectives and not reviewers who probably played a few hours of it, I decided to get it and I’m loving it, sad how years of passion and hard work from this guy and the rest that worked on it can be shat on so quickly by people.

    It’s like people are so spoiled with great games they’ve forgotten that games can be not trash, not legendary but good and fun, this may not hit home as much as a game like the last of us but it’s definitely a good game to me so far. If every game was a masterpiece, masterpieces wouldn’t mean that much anymore. Just relax people

  10. Still love this game, just played it on PC, I only get one bug and glitch. For those that getting the glitch maybe like ramping a rock or do silly stuff like crashing through too much freaks and stuff

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