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GI Show – Detroit, Call Of Duty's Battle Royale, E3 Predictions

On today’s episode, we’re joined by a very special guest to celebrate the podcast’s 400th episode! First up, Kimberley Wallace and Joe Juba talk about their time playing and enjoying Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human on the PlayStation 4. Oh,…

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  1. I really appreciate Hanson, Tack and Suriel defending devs putting Battle Royale in games. It's a fun mode and I would love different takes on it. There's a BIG chance the devs making BLOPS4 are massive Battle Royale fans that are probably stoked to put a BR in their game.

  2. bo4 is probably going to be the first call of duty that has the most amount of content, the full game is probably going to be the size of gta5 like 70 gigabytes by the time they reach dlc 3

  3. Please can you guys do less picture in picture? I don't need to see last years e3 as you discuss this years. It's distracting.

  4. Camera has been in issue in almost every action game. Kingdom Hearts, DMC, FF15, Monster Hunter and yes even my current GOTY God of War. The only studio who get its right is Platinum, and even then they still get some hiccups.

  5. 🙂 man.. Hansen, Vader, Cork, Turi, Rykert, Juba, Reeves and Helgeson would be a revolving dream podcast. This was great.

  6. I just can't hold it in anymore. Tried to be nice and keep to myself for the longest time, But just cant anymore. Joe is just abysmally annoying. Makes me cringe with his comments. Dan Tack is excellent and look forward to him. I literally have to skip every segment Joe is on

  7. Anyone ever watch that indie film "The Master of Speed and Time?" It was about indie film-making back in the early 90's and had a lot of special effects in it.

  8. If some of the robots would have just said no I don't want to join up with you then I would have believed that they were alive and not being reprogrammed

  9. The dude is not UvaBowl he does not deserve the crap he gets he makes really Top Notch interactive experiences that nobody else is making

  10. Would be awesome if GI did a show with the public that could come into the office and talk about E3 and/or upcoming games if they live in Minneaplis or St Paul

  11. Playing Detroit got me thinking:
    If human somehow manages to create intelligent and sentient androids, should they be considered living beings? How do you even describe a living being? Because one can argue that human is a machine that works with chemical elements. Instead of prosthetics, screws, cogs, etc we have muscles, water, salt, proteins and so on that enable us to function. Even our cognitive abilities depend on these elements. What do we even mean by the word ‘alive’?

  12. I think Sony will announce the PS5 this year at E3. Sony claims that they are not showing any hardware at E3 but maybe they said that to keep it a surprise. I hope Bloodborne II gets announced at Sony's press conference. I love Bloodborne, I got it free this year. I think they might announce a new Killzone game.

  13. skip to 19:30 for anyone who loves/likes detroit become human. all they do is trash the game 🙁 i wish i hadnt listened to them, i love the game and i love this podcast so it kinda hurts hearing them talk so negatively about it

  14. i still have the issue with fortnite on the cover lol. when i first heard it was popular i went back to my stash and saw it

  15. Kratos in a god of war movie would obviously be played by vin diesel. He's already bald, he's a bad ass, and he's got the perfect voice!

  16. I'm really surprised with the E3 discussion. I enjoy and value the Nintendo part – informed, with reasonable predictions and some expectations. Microsoft was the most off – if Xbox conference will be, like Game Informer predictions, Phil Spencer can't part with The Great Book of Excuses. Sea of Thieves montage? Expansion? Influencers? New indie hit? Microsoft needs new IP! Pronto! I'm amazed You guys didn't point that out. If it's "Halo, Gears and Forza", Crackdown 3 and Fable there will be pitchforks and torches. Also Sony part – I heard some dissapointment – Sony will focus on FOUR EXCLUSIVE TITLES! Two of them are new IPs. And all of them are of hit potential. Maybe that's why Sony thinks it's enough? I don't know, how do You guys think? They even won't focus on the fifth exclusive – Days Gone. And there is also Dreams… You guys are waiting for E3 for totally different reasons. I think Microsoft will be the first talking point of after-E3 talks, then if Sony will stumble or their offer is flawless and Super Smash Bros. That last part I see You got covered.
    I'll try to follow your discussions, I liked Days Gone material, but this E3 talk was weird.

  17. The lady who said you can hit the X button right away to close the path menu… Thank you… If people just did and stopped complaining then we could move on to more important topics. I would like to see them personally. But on my first playthrough I want to skip them. Im sorry but the guy complaining doesnt have a fair argument… Also you know youll miss something anyway so I dont see his argument. I would still reset the game if I chose an option i didnt like…

  18. Microsoft had the better E3 presentation last year…yet here we are playing fanboyism once again…at least Hanson did remind him of all the indies and games in general they showed during their event in addition to telling you exactly what you were getting with the X console.. No one ever gives Sony grief about showing the same trailers and hyping the same games for 3 years in a row before they actually release…how about a little neutral "journalism" here guys or maybe it's time to clean house for more fresh and in touch talent before you disappear from the industry.

  19. I assume the expense of creating a Battle Royal (engine overhaul) probably made it very difficult to afford a campaign worth having. Makes sense but I hope they do not continue this trend. Love their stories.

  20. Jeez can’t wait to pay full price for two thirds of a game where 40% of it is probably locked away behind some stupid pay wall. Fuck yeah COD way to save a dying franchise ?

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