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GI Show – Days Gone, Pillars 2, E3's Huge Leak

On this week’s episode, Jeff Cork and Jeff Marchiafava have a lot of exclusive information to share based on our cover story on Days Gone for the PlayStation 4. Matt Miller and Ben Reeves then join the show to talk about our review for Pillars of…

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  1. Suriels "je n'ais se quoi" broke me whilst I was driving. I was crying. As I listen on SoundCloud I had to watch if again on the Vod. Beautiful moment ? Le bowbowbowbow

  2. After playing and beating GOD OF WAR and watching others do the same this game looks like a huge step backward and Im not trying to compare them there is just something about this GAME that feel wrong and unexciting. The first hour of THE LAST OF US is breathtaking but the first hour of DAYS GONE is underwhelming I don't know whats wrong with me but I can't get excited for this game anymore, and I really was excited to play it but that excitement has GONE…..

  3. When brutal legend was brought up you guys should have plugged that one episode of the sonic super replay.
    Also i haven't played much yet but in monster hunter world theres that petting mini game with that dog i think?

  4. Guys guys guys. Play Lone Echo on Oculus Rift. It’s unbelievable. I just checked and I’m pretty sure you guys didn’t review it. Seems like a game a site called Game Informer should review. Ready at Dawn, the guest you had on is part of the company who made it…. stop saying there is nothing on here if you don’t even play the platforms biggest games. Hire a VR person and make content on YouTube. It’s needed.

  5. Hi guys ! Can you please tell me is it posible to change the camera in the game ? I don't realy like that God of War close camera. I think its better in 2016 gameplay. Any way i love the game and i hope i can play it in january 2019. Cheers

  6. "This cave is not a natural formation" is from HALO CE, when you're first on the ring and you drive the warthog into a cave Cortana says that line.

  7. I am super excited. I have been waiting for a game like this and with this quality. It doesn't seem like most zombie games I have played.

  8. Rage came out 2 years after Borderlands. I think the main reason I was let down by Rage is it seemed like it was trying to expand on what Borderlands did, but couldn't quite get there.

  9. I'm so ready for this game. Ive never really been into the zombie games and stuff of the sort. Weird right especially since I watch Resident Evil. But I actually traded my Xbox One X in and I am loving PlayStation. The exclusive library is massive and I have the games I want most on this semester. Spider-Man, which I am drooling over, and now this game, "Days Gone". I am ready for it. Sucks that we have to wait so long for it, but hey, it just means its going to be amazing.

  10. How good would last of us be if naughty dog joined this team and worked on the story and the gun play and action and Sony bend built the world like they have for days gone would be the shut like

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