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Game Informer Fights The Horde In Days Gone

In this exclusive video featuring new gameplay for Days Gone on the PlayStation 4, Ben Hanson, Jeff Cork, and Jeff Marchiafava pass the controller while visiting Sony Bend and try to defeat the 300-freaker horde in the upcoming game. Learn more…

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  1. It is very sad and depressing that there is so many badd reviews. For this game before its release date. It just seems like all the reviews are negative The highest score I seen for this game is a 6 out of 10. It's a shame that some of these reviewers do not know how to play the game at all. And get pist off when they don't know what they're doing. That's why there are so many review bombs on the game. I advise everybody to judge the game When you get your hands on. Instead of listening to the reviews that are out.

  2. Did they never play this or something, i killed this horde in complete stealth, i killed it again with only my gun hordes arent that hard to do as long as u know how to play, and there first attempt they were throwing napalm at nothing lmao

  3. This was prerelease gameplay played by people who literally just picked up the game for the first time.

    Why would any of you guys who played this game to completion compare your skill level to their's?

  4. This is so gamey to the point the character does things no one in that situation would really do just for the sake of giving the player more to do to drag out the experience.

    What did Daryl Dixon do in season 6 of the walking dead? He didn't go in guns blazing. He filled a lake with gasoline and lit it up to burn the herd of walkers. Are we really saying that Deacon didn't have the same access to the same resources? This game is only set 2 years in the apocalypse. Such a waste of bullets.

    What is for me, the most immersion breaking thing in this game is how much ammo you as the player has access to. It simply does not suit the apocalypse setting. This game could be set in any scenario and it would play out the fucking same. If the backdrop was changed for a sci fi futuristic world the game would play out the same. If it was set with a world war 2 backdrop it would play out the same.

    What makes the apocalyptic setting unique from every other movie or game setting is the emphasis on how scarce, rare and valuable the resources we, in our lives take for granted. This guy has guns with the Hershel limitless bullets. One man can single handedly take out 100-1000 freakers so how the fuck did the world fall in the first place????

    Deacon isn't special forces. If he, a fucking biker gang member could do so well using the same guns that were available at the beginning of the apocalypse outbreak what about the armies all over the world with specialist training? That's why I call bullshit on this game.

    This game could just as easily be a GTA5 Trevor mode dlc with himin a fucked up drug induced hallucination or dream sequence.

    When I play the last of us. I feel like i'm in a fucking apocalypse because ammo and guns are hard to come by as they should be. Supplies and food are hard to come by as they should be. Every video I've seen of days gone, the health bar is full and Deacon is running around taking down hordes for fun by himself, collecting freaker ears as trophies and doing things that he doesn't really have to do. If this were a real life situation you wouldn't send one man to clear a freaker nest. You would send a fucking impenetrable tank. The game can't have it both ways. It talks about being only 2 years in the apocalypse so what is the excuse for not having helicopters to attack hordes from the sky? What is the excuse for not having tanks. The walking dead had tanks. The Governor used one to destroy the prison in the comics and tv show. The game says fuck logic so I say fuck this game. I'll wait for the last of us 2.

  5. This game looks incredible but developers sure know how to ruin masterpieces like this these days by putting characters permanently on the left of the screen which disorientates me sometimes, is it possible to move the camera so the character is in the middle of the screen all the time?

  6. Why can't you load you're bike up with shitloads of molotovs and ride it into the horde and bail at last moment? Job done.
    Anyone with a bike and molotovs would know that.

  7. Why there is not that awesome explosion animation in the final version? Napalm molotovs look so much better here. The running animation as well.

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