FULL Official Operation Para Bellum Reveal – Map, Operators, Weapons, Gadgets | Rainbow Six Siege

Watch the full official reveal of the latest Rainbow Six Siege expansion, Operation Para Bellum. One new map, Villa, and two new defending Italian operators, Alibi & Maestro. Get a first look at that map, plus their weapons and gadgets right here. Also, see changes to other R6S features.

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  1. throw that shitty 1080/1440p ps4 in the bin…xbox one x..for the win
    now sony power advantage has gone and over 90% of pony not bothering to buy god of war 4,plus MS making more money,thre wars over…ms won

    damn ps doesn't evven have a uhd player ?????

  2. It’s a cool update just hope they aren’t going to go for futuristic feel. You know because now we have holograms and a laser

  3. We should get Ubi to add a 3rd multiplayer game mode which is ranked but with pick and Ban, so players can play with that or on normal ranked

  4. I think that hologram is only going to be really useful for the first month or so and then pretty much everyone is going to know how to counter it

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