Final Fantasy 15 And The Ugliest Road Trip Ever | Potato Mode

Joey and Jean-Luc embark on the most horrific-looking road trip in Final Fantasy XV, while also dragging the game’s once-gorgeous graphics through the mud.

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  1. You know what the sad thng is?
    I can finally play this on my potato.
    and im enjoying every second of it

  2. Gentiana started popping up in my photos like 3 minutes after she spoke to me the first time. How in the world did you get her for the first time post game! lol. I probably got her in like 15 photos before I finished the story.

  3. I would not dare fly at that state of graphics, I'm pretty damn sure you wont see properly where to land and even if you do its gonna be hard. those light posts can be annoying

  4. The lady in the photo was Gentiana. She's a God-like NPC in the game that shows up randomly in your photos.

    You can have Carbuncle show up, too. (But only Noctis can see him.)

  5. What would you do if you saw a group of people with a disabled vehicle on the side of the road and they looked like these Final Fantasy characters… would you trust them?

  6. It's such a shame this game requires an absolute beast of a PC to play on the highest settings and 120fps. Or at least a stable 60 fps.

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