Detroit: Become Human Review

Is Detroit: Become Human a robot uprising worth your time? Find out in our GameSpot review.

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  1. Gamespot have been my go to site for reviews for many years but jesus, you really did fucked this one up guys…
    Glad I've bought this, one of the best games of this gen.

  2. Such a cringey, piss poor “unforgettably lame” review. Too caught up in your bullshit ideology that you completely missed the fundamental point of the game.

  3. I had no problem with the reference to the civil rights problems minorities went through it's a reality off life its still like that now to a degree so me as a black person I'm not offended it's life as we know it

  4. while this is a pretty terrible review, i will say thank god Kallie herself did not do this review. she only Narrated it. the review would have been 10 times worse if she did.

  5. I don't understand the criticisms for these games each one of them has beem incredibly engaging. Emotionally jarring. And just overall fun. I downloaded Detroit a day ago, played for like 8 hours straight then finished the next. It's so good. I'll let it settle for another week and try again.

  6. I hope one day, and I may not live to see that day, GameSpot will let a person with both a heart and intelligence write their game reviews. I sincerely do. Fingers crossed.

  7. Imagine if the people who wrote the stories for telltale games and the programmers of this game made a game it would be the greatest fantasy game in history

  8. I'm very disgusted with the way that this reviewer talks so badly about the civil rights movement references in this game. She seems extremely racist in the way that she talks about it. I am sure that is why this video has all the thumbs down.

  9. Just started playing it yesterday and found it really hard to put down. Only other game I've played that's similar is heavy rain which i liked after a while, this is far superior though. Really like the flow charts as it shows how many possible paths there are. The visuals and animation are top aswell, would say this is a solid 9.

  10. Not an accurate review for the game whatsoever, I feel like they just hurried with the review to put something out there or compete with ign. Fuck this review 0/10

  11. Despite of the hate, this game is very challenging the concepts of humanity issues.
    It’s much better than CP2077 a lot.

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