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Days Gone Exclusive Coverage Trailer

See new gameplay from Days Gone on the PlayStation 4 and get a taste for the month of Game Informer’s exclusive content showing off Sony Bend’s post-apocalyptic experience coming to

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  1. State of Decay 2 next week, Days Gone next year…now just need Overkill's The Walking Dead to be good and Dying Light 2 to be announced and life will be good for this zombie game lover.

  2. I couldn't be more excited for this game! I only have ONE scepticism/criticism… and that is the points that pop up when you shoot the 'freakers' … please let there be an option to remove that from the screen, like God of War style hud options where you can go into immersive mode, no hud, no pop ups, that's just 'gamey' stuff that takes you out of the experience, if you listen to the interview that game informer has out about what they say to the sceptics of this game, you hear the Creative Director of the game use the term 'gamey' elements that they want to avoid to make it more immersive and realistic, well there's one thing you can improve right away, get rid of those silly pop up points from shooting the enemies please.

  3. I remembered caring about this game when I first heard about it and now, it's like 'meh'. Maybe it's the characters, maybe I just need to see more? I just know that I wouldn't hesitate to drop this in the dumpster if TLOU2 came out.

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