Wolfenstein 2 Nintendo Switch Gameplay: Killing Nazis On The Go

The New Colossus is coming to Nintendo’s hybrid console this year. Get your first look at how BJ takes down the Third Reich–anywhere.

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  1. My only console is the switch and between doom nba 2k I’ve been happy so far but this will definitely make me even happier I wish Nintendo got support from other company’s that mainly focus on the Xbox and ps4

  2. I feel bad for Switch owners. They're having to wait longer and pay more money for inferior versions of games. I really hope in the near future people get more used to the Nintendo Switch so the Switch version can come out when all of the other versions come out.

  3. Alright. I downloaded the game. I played it, And I can’t move on the menu. Etc OR go to options. Can someone HELP me with this? If Yes. Thank you. Does it happen’ to you guys too?

  4. I hate when people tell you to get an Xbox or ps4 if you’re going to get this game. That does t even make sense. This console is not even close to those ones. I mean you can play this wherever you want and it’s what 1/16 the size of an Xbox lmao ?

  5. Overall it appears that the game looks better in the early gameplay here, but the framerates a lot worse. I'm glad they prioritized the framerate.

  6. Doom or wolfenstein or should I buy these 2 games or is there a better one? Not really in to Mario and cartoonish games except for Super Smash bros, Fortnite and Paladins

  7. The reason why his aim is horrible is because of the joy cons are badly designed. The analog stick on the right joy con rests on your palm so you have to aim using the palm of your hand

  8. 2 years late now but, I'll probably look into buying this at some point. Own most of the Wolfenstein games, mostly on PC or PS4, but would be nice to have a copy of Wolfenstein II here on my Switch.

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