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Why Spider-Man Is So Important

Executive Creative Director of Marvel Games Bill Rosemann rounds out our month of exclusive Spider-Man coverage with a story about the character’s humble beginnings, and why he resonated with so many people.

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  1. Spiderman is probably the most popular superhero on the planet next to Batman, Superman, and wonder woman. To be honest without Spiderman we probably will have gotten just a fantastic four and daredevil who have more problems than Spiderman does. Without Spiderman we would never have gotten Deadpool, Danny phantom, Freakazoid and invincible.

  2. It sounds as if he's saying that the creation of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and other heroes of the 1930's and 1940's are no longer relevant or special anymore.

  3. When he was talking about superheros having no problems, Batman and Robin both popped up. Ummm….. buddy I think Batman and Robin (Dick Grayson) had plenty of problems because both of their parents died to crime.

  4. I hate people kept saying batman or superman are the best superhero, being the best superhero is by being relatable to the people he protect because a superhero don't exist without them

  5. The boss Stan Lee used to work for dont deserve him because at first when Stan Lee created spider-man the boss don't like it just because Peter is not perfect, but when the boss discovered that the fans loved it the boss was like nevermind keep making those. I mean BRUH at first you don't like it and now its okay just because you discovered that the fans liked it.

  6. This is why out of all of the superheroes out there spider-man is the most relatable. When you look past the super powers and the costume. He's just a average guy just trying to get by in life.

  7. Seriously I grow up watching spiderman I relate with him like being bullied , complications with decision in my life etc. That's why he was my favorite superhero of all time

  8. He was a real Rescuer Hero that laughed at himself was authentic. Spiderman wasn't a Mysogynist narcissist. But, he really put himself on the line. He was ackward nerdy and a real good man. I need to go back and rewatch everything Spider Man.

  9. I think the best thing about Spider-Man is his mask. When he puts his mask on, literally everyone can see themselves underneath that mask. No other superhero has that kind of relatability

  10. I love Spider-Man way more than Superman and Batman and even the other superheroes. Superman is too perfect and flawless for my taste, and he’s always been a corny, bland, one-dimensional character to me. Batman has always been a very cliché character in my opinion. Apart from just being a man in a cape with no superpowers, nothing about him is relatable to me. I mean, he’s a billionaire for crying out loud, and not everyone has it easy like that.

    As far as I’m concerned, Spider-Man is the only superhero who’s always truly captured my imagination growing up. Something about his iconic red and blue costume just made him endearing to me and added a level of mystery to the character. Peter Parker is definitely my #1 favorite superhero because he stands out from other superheroes in the room as just a relatable, ordinary guy being thrusted into a world of amazing fantasy (pun entirely intended!) And all of the constant hardships that Parker goes through in his day-to-day life definitely makes a great impact on my life in more ways than one. I basically see A LOT of myself in Peter Parker. He’s the most relatable, human, grounded superheroes in comic book mythology. Spider-Man is basically a mental escape from my own life, but reading through the pages of Lee/Ditko’s original run on the character, and seeing Peter Parker hitting rock bottom is like watching myself in the comic book page. Because we both share similar human struggles. And seeing how even at his lowest, he still manages to persevere through it all and conquer through it, that’s truly inspiring to me. To be honest, Spider-Man has way more influence and a bigger fan following than Superman. Supes is too invulnerable and too perfect for my tastes, which makes him a boring, bland, and very much an uninteresting Gary Stu-ish character to me. And Batman, though he’s dealt with his parents’ deaths, has all the resources to set things right in the world, but afterwards he’d just beat any obstacle that comes his way. For Iron Man, being a superhero and his genius/billionaire self are basically just one of the same. But with Spidey though, he goes through not just the superhero trials, but the everyday humanistic trials we go through on the regular. Money troubles, relationship problems, insecurity, guilt, anxiety, depression, inadequacy, etc. Spider-Man is literally the human in the superhuman. He’s the greatest of them all. Steve Rogers said it best.

    You can call me a Spidey fanboy all ya want, but this character really means a lot to me as a young man growing and learning about how the world works.

  11. I remember seeing this and I knew they were not going to let us down. Someone this passionate and understanding of the character not just from knowledge but love and respect is just the people that are needed not only For a spiderman game but the industry of not only videogames but Cinema, and even in the ever decline in the actual comics. I am looking forward to spiderman 2

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