The First 9 Minutes Of God Of War

In the opening to God of War, Kratos and Atreus navigate a tragic situation and begin their long journey.

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  1. I love the rage when Kratos chops down the tree. You can almost feel his sheer frustration and rage at just how, just as with his first wife, be now has to cremate a second.

  2. God of War is that wierd franchises that basically encompasses adolescence into adulthood of video games. The previous ones went "Louder, sexier, more violent, EDGIER!" then evolved into real maturity with this game. Still capable of being loud, action packed and violent. But it knows the drama and weight of a story lean on quiet moments as much as they do the action packed.

  3. 8:43 what I love about this is that you can see the silent pain Kratos feels from the passing of Faye, his whole persona is so dope and the music does a great job adding to that feeling you get.

  4. Nobody? Else noticed the spirit of the mom heating up the knife the boy grabs. kratos understood the message and he began preparing the boy for the dangerous journey.

  5. This is a masterclass of creating a setting in such short time. Within 9 minutes, you could be someone who knows absolutely nothing about the prior lore yet sense that Kratos is grieving as well as Atreus, and they have a major job to do as man and boy

  6. I played God of War about a year and a half ago. I thought it was really good, but not great. I played it while going through chronic fatigue and without having played any of the previous games, so I definitely think those 2 factors hampered my enjoyment (the chronic fatigue especially, and there are many games I have to replay and movies I have to rewatch because of it).

    I recently "played" the rest of the God of War games in (what the internet unanimously said was) chronological order (Ascension -> Chains of Olympus -> GoW1 -> Ghost of Sparta -> GoW2 -> GoW3). I put " " around "played" because I watched longplays of them on YouTube, as I don't have a PS2 or PS3, so I couldn't easily access any of these games except for GoW3 Remastered. I really enjoyed them all, with GoW3, GoW2, and Ascension as my top 3.

    Today, I restarted God of War (2018), and I'm actually playing it.

    I can't tell you how much more I am getting from it. I really am loving it. This opening scene is amazing.

    6:046:13 made me feel a series of emotions I rarely felt. First fear and excitement, and then sadness and sympathy. That combo of emotions happening so quickly almost made me cry, and it was fucking beautiful. There are some more moments in this game that I remembered from my first playthrough that I'm sure will have the same effect on me this time around.

    I don't know why I'm writing this tbh, but I guess I just wanted to express my love for this game in particular. I finally realize how great this game is.

    Side note: the combat is chef's kiss

  7. Never played the game wasn’t really expecting anything but within these first 9 minutes I realized it was revolutionary. So much emotion so much meaning such great music and scenery and timing and animation. I fell in love and really almost broke in tears at how beautiful this game really was

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