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Spider-Man – Exclusive Coverage Trailer

In conjunction with the newest issue of Game Informer, we’re rolling out a full month of exclusive online features covering Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4, including exclusive gameplay and details from Insomniac’s studio. Follow the link to learn…

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  1. I know who the last member is makes sense now the Tech that they have it's the green Goblin. Just what to throw that out there I have looked at every trailer twice all adds up.

  2. мать ващу ебал sony,просто блять бред делать игру на одну платформу и всякие школьники пишут ыыыы xbox, пк соснули, на пк выпустите игру

  3. So we not gonna talk about how this looks better?😭 that blue sky is so good makes the sun brighter and everything. I wish I played this version of the game

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