Red Dead Redemption In 4K Is Stunning

Here’s how Red Dead Redemption looks in 4K on Xbox One X. If you own an Xbox One X you can download the update today.

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  1. John Marston: Javier! JAVIER! Where for out thou Javier!
    Javier: john? John Marston?
    John Marston: JAVIER!
    Javier: JOHN!
    Slow motion running into eachothers arms
    Nigel: GAVIN? Gaaaaavviiiiiiin!

    Red dead redemption 3 coming soon.

  2. Great display of the graphics and visuals, terrible display of gameplay. Didn't use deadeye a single time, despite having a full meter. Shot at one of his allies, who even yells "Hey, why are you aiming at me?!", and worse of all, shot a poor defenseless raven flying by, even when he aimed at it long enough to realize before he fired. Sorry, just these videos from all gaming sites nearly always have someone playing who either doesn't know how to play that genre of game, or doesn't play games at all. Triggers the hell out of me. It's not satisfying to watch at all.

  3. I absolutely love rdr1 but After playing rdr2 so much rdr1's glitchyness is sooo bad… I am still currently replaying it and undead nightmare though. I cant belive how smooth and clean this looks in 4k though either! ( I currently play on XB1S) (And if anyone sees this in 2020 and play undead nightmare does anyone experience all zombies acting like humans and also missing there heads??)

  4. Someone contact Rockstar for Red Dead Redemption Remastered they would make a lot of money fuck GTA 6 We want Red Dead Redemption Remastered

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