How To Find Sam Fisher In Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Splinter Cell crosses over into Ghost Recon: Wildlands with Michael Ironside back as Sam Fisher.

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  1. Why does Sam look so much more ugly than in Blacklist? Are the graphics that much more worse?
    EDIT: That metal gear reference, so adorable and proud, like friendly rivals tipping the hat.

  2. People saying stealth is dead when there's plenty out there but, sure, not quite like MGS or Splinter Cell. I'd think Hitman could be a major contender for stealth gameplay but would have to choose splinter cell over all others if i had to choose, though. And, yeah, that chilling stare Sam gives after referencing Snake hit me in the feels, even though I'm not even 30 yet and would still LOVE SOME MORE STEALTH GAMES UBISOFT, KONAMI, CAN YOU HEEEARRR MEEEE!?!

  3. I'm just loving the original Sam voice reprisal! Old man Sam is the hero we need. But yeah, Sam's the only one still alive, unless they make a new Tenchu sequel or something. Logan's probably dead, Snake's an old man unless they make him a cyborg (but he deserves his rest), but poor Sam's too good to quit until he dies in action.

  4. "So you're what a Ghost looks like……"
    *And she's wearing what essentially amounts to a Splinter Cell outfit, complete with tri-focal goggles. 🙂

    I guess a Ghost and a Splinter Cell can look alike……….

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