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How Insomniac Came To Work On Spider-Man

In the 24 years that Insomniac Games has been around, they’ve maintained a strong presence in the industry with original, beloved titles like Spyro, Ratchet & Clank, and Sunset Overdrive. In this exclusive video feature, CEO Ted Price lends…

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  1. This should just be the best Spider-Man game, even if it's not out.

    (but if you're reading this in September, then it's basically out)

  2. On Gawd i want a moonknight game i want( iron fist)(imagine all the martial arts mehn,irooooonman,dr strange (after IW i want)???finna be fire

  3. This is a bit random but Price looks pretty similar to Batman in Arkham Knight. I hope the game is as good as it looks. But considering they're massive fans and I've been seeing pretty much every video available both official and from fans/consumers I know it will be. I can't wait!

  4. "See the blood, the sweat, the tears, we're making your games, we're making your games, fueled by diet coke and beer, we're making our games, we're making our games for you" Ted Price, 20th anniversary
    No matter what Insomniac do, I will always be impressed of how delicate they are with their games.

    Me ranting about the R&C reboot in 3



    The Ratchet and Clank reboot was horrendous with the butchered story that have nothing redeeming at all about it, in the actual 2002 R&C I belived that Ratchet and Clank were truely friends near the end after all the fighting between the two had finally stopped and they comes to term with each other.
    In the reboot however they become rangers like as soon they arrive at a new planet with a bunch of forgettable rangers that I can't even recall the names of and Ratchet and Clank never really talks to each other that much.
    Made Drek a goofball instead of a serious and sinister businessman, made Ratchet a boy-scout instead of a thrill seeking and trigger happy lombax that weren't afraid to put someone at gun point or take revenge (he got of course more noble further down the series but never a darn boy-scout).

    Nefarious is a good villian and all, but why was he depicted with green skin when clearly in up your arsenal he is seen in the vid-comics that he hade a white skin tone before (spoilers) Qwark accidently push him over a railing into cogs below and why even in this reboot when it were Drek that Ratchet and Clank tried to stop in the first place so they just throwed the iconic for the first game villan away for shit and giggles.

    But anyway, Ted Price or if anyone at Insomniac reads this, please don't make a sequal to that reboot mess, please continue with the future series or just port the original trilogy to PS4 if you want newer generations to fall in love with the Ratchet and Clank franchise.
    Fall in love just as I did as a kid and till even today being were hyped for anything R&C related (the offical art book was great by the way), I love you all at Insomniac games and expect great things as always <3

    P.S. If there to be a new R&C game in the future, please bring back David Bergeaud because he made R&C music so iconic and brilliant, thanks, bye now… For real.

  5. Make another ratchet and clank plz after this. I'm soo excited for spider man hes so dope but I want another ratchet game we have been left on cliffhanger for quite a while. Keep story on nexus or reimagining…

  6. I think Naughty Dog (known for uncharted) should do a Captain America game and
    Sucker Punch (known for infamous)
    Should do an Ironman game
    While Insomniac makes a sequel to Spider-Man

  7. I am afraid Insomniac might end up like Traveller's Tales, which used to have a diverse set of awesome games, but now is now only working on LEGO related stuff.

  8. Ted Price is a guy that TRULY loves what he does, many folks jump around, company to company, field to field, Ted co-founded and till this day has remained with Insomniac, respect!!

  9. I think Insomniac has a different definition of underdog than the rest of us if they think they are still an underdog after spiderman ps4

  10. All marvel games should be given to insomniac studios from now on. I wish Avengers game made by these guys. square enix butchered it.

  11. Wow so literally Insomniac was at Marvels disposal thanks to Sony . They could've chose any IP they wanted ? ! Damn I wonder how much Marvel loves Insomniac after these 2 Spiderman games . And they're huge Marvel fans too . I hope Insomniac gets more Marvel projects man . They did a fantastic job . Considering after what happened with Marvel's Avengers, I would think Insomniac is one of the only trusted devs to take on these projects . I would love a free roam Hulk or Punisher game. That would be freaking amazing . Or a Deadpool game . Replace the webs with extreme parkour and ragdoll stuff that would hurt him lol that would be hilarious ?. And awesome

  12. Game development is more difficult than making a movie. Perfect game must have great story, great characters, excellent graphics and also engaging fun gameplay. To nail all this is not an easy task, but Spiderman 2018 did it all. Take a bow Insomniac!

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