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How Combat Works In Spider-Man

Creative Director Bryan Intihar joins us once again to go deep on the mechanics of combat, including the abilities and gadgets you’ll be using on the mean streets of NYC.
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  1. this. this is the combat system ive been looking for YEARS. i thought i found it when the new god of war was released, (cant play it cuz no console AND money) but this, it just surpasses every expectation. but sadly, just like GOW i cant play it, no console, plus no money to even buy the game if i had the console

  2. I hope you can just jump from the ground and into a wall and Spiderman just sticks there. That would be awesome in combat. If things get too hot, you could just jump to a wall and look down on the guys on the ground trying to fight you. that would be so awesome.

  3. I love the idea of the gadget wheel where you can access your weapons that you’ve accumulated during the actual campaign just like in God of War.

  4. 0:47 that blood effect was AMAZING. the arkham games combat always felt like it could use a lil bit of blood. It seems like theyve taken it out in the new e3 demo tho….

  5. Game looks great, but in the end it's still going to play just like every other open world collecathon unless you ignore everything but the main "tasks".

  6. Has anyone pointed out that Bryan is blatantly lying his ass off in this video?

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unless he truly doesn’t know his own game, what he’s saying about at least one key aspect here is total BS.

    Not only was the ability to knock an enemy into the air, and slam them to the ground stuck with webbing in the E3 2017 demo, it didn’t require the player to use up web fluid to achieve the webbed down effect.
    At the Fisk site, with the final batch of demons before talking to Kingpin, Spidey pulls that exact move on the first enemy he knocks out. Considering Bryan said it was one of his favorite things to do, the fact that said webbed effect is no small feat, and his role on the game, he had to know that it had been there nearly a year earlier, and that it was changed.

    So not only is he lying about “discovering it” and doing so “the other day,” but it’s in fact an ability which was significantly nerfed into a less desirable skill in the 9 months between that demo and this interview.

    Avoiding the truth to protect spoilers is a necessary evil of the industry, but there’s no reason for this kind of thing.

  7. is it me or there’s some things that has been removed in the final game plus, a graphical downgrade?

  8. In older games, it was just counter, punch, punch, counter, punch, dead. Glad this game has more variety

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