God of War's Most Vicious Executions

Check out Kratos’ most brutal executions and gory finishes in the new God of War.

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  1. In all the GoW games I've always been like "wow executions bloody and neat". But when I saw that wulver execution for the first time I was like "NOO FUCKING WAYYY OOOOOO" My fav execution to this day

  2. The only thing I wanted more from this game is more executions , they get repetitive . It would be cool if they added different executions depending on the weapon or barehanded as well !!

  3. Even tho these are brutal wish with the axe it shows his godly strength and cleave them with one swing thought it was funny took multiple chops or in the beginning multiple chops to cut a tree down then he just throws it on his shoulder like it was a pool noodle.

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