God Of War Review

God of War is every bit the over-the-top action game you expect, but it’s the story and setting that end up stealing the show.

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  1. The art and sound designs in this game are absolutely insane. Even speaking to a friendly monster in the World Serpent is completely terrifying given how intimidating it looks mixed with its booming voice. I don't think I've ever been amazed by a console game's graphics and overall effects as I have with God of War.

  2. Before launch there have been 3 reactions

    Reaction 1: "Sure! Go for it, I'm open for change!"

    Reaction 2: "I don't know, it looks too awfully different from the originals"


  3. I have just finished playing this amazing game n i hv some advice/opinion suggestion for the future games obviously if they make it..
    1. Bring back nudity.
    2. Remove hacksilver or whatever called treasure curreny and keep the upgrading of armour n wespons intact widely open till the end.( No need for grinding in order to get best weapons,armour n other enchantments. )
    3. Bring back auto replenish green souls(life), red souls(xp) and yellow orange souls (rage) after killing an enemy.
    4.more interesting side quest n rewards.
    5. Lesser use of repetitive enemy (more new enemy variety ) untill end.
    6.Bring back □□◇
    7. More cool bosses fighting(like in the end).
    8.push up more violence and gore.
    That's all folks….

  4. going to try it to night in this pandemic times , I only play vr games now days , but games like rdr2 , the last of us and daysgone , is good games so I might like this one to

  5. This is absurd. I've legitimately never played a game in my life that is a more obvious 10/10. Sometimes you guys just miss the mark. I realize 9 is still great, but please explain to me what stopped this from being a 10?

  6. Along with the return of the Blades of Chaos a moment that I thought really impacted the story was during Atreus's brat-phase after the deaths of Thor's sons and we got to see Kratos trying to be a stern yet caring father when he tries to teach his god/giant hybrid son that killing deities has grave consequences basically this iconic scene.

    Kratos: "What we just did can not be taken lightly."

    Atreus: "What did we do wrong we won they lost that's how it works."

    Kratos: "There are consequences for killing a god."

    Atreus: "How do you know? How do you know?!"

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