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God Of War Is "Mind-Blowing" And We Love It

In this excerpt from The Game Informer Show podcast, Joe Juba and Andrew Reiner talk about why they were so blown away by the new God of War without spoiling anything about the game. Subscribe to Game Informer’s podcast here –

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  1. It's not camera issues, it's a form of emersion, he doesn't have eyes in the back of his head. It teaches situational awareness, noooooooob, you should always make sure to be watching your back.

  2. Preordered the special edition. I still remember the day I bought 1. Been a massive fan of this series.

    I'm happy. It needs to evolve. a new story to be told. I honestly was afraid 3 was it because the witcher is over..

    So excited i haven't read a single l spoiler and i have no idea what Norse gods will be in this game and that's a good thing.

    I hope we get a new GOW trilogy from this

  3. That guy in the middle is trying so hard to find a negative for the game (and failing miserably). LOL

    You can tell he loves the game but he wanted to give 2 sides.

  4. the framerate though makes it damn near unlayable. Consoles, get your shit together and run games at a 60fps minimum. 144hz would be too much to ask i guess

  5. If you aren't fit for a specific type of game genre, you shouldn't be reviewing it. You wonder why people don't trust critics. This guy in the middle doesn't understand the basic controls/mechanics and is mid-game. WTF?

    Most of what he is complaining about the majority of players will understand easily.

  6. Guy in the middle is one of those people that have to disagree with everything you say regardless. Don't think he agreed with the guy on the right a single time.

  7. Yeah the guy in the middle im finding it hard to get with ya on your topic about the camera and the indicator showing an enemy attacking. Personally, being that close up, adds more fear to whats attacking, making you more aware to whats going on or you getting attacked. I'm not sure what it is your looking for, but it sounds like your saying you'd rather have the old camera view, which i think is a style that is long past and overdone. Its set up to play the way you want. I dont think he was making a valid argument. I'm not defending the game, but it sounds like he wants a linear dodging system? Wow… even games people think are perfect, people look for things to complain about. Im really not getting his argument. Guy on the right… made great points. His thought on Res four changing things is spot on. Its my favorite one now because it changed everything while still keeping the essence.

  8. Oh quit your bitchin. Go play Tetris or something. The game is near perfect. Complaining about the combat, geezz.

  9. looks boring and the fact that the graphics have been used for an almost finished story of Kratos . Could've just started again then i'd be more interested.

  10. Guy in the middle is such a fucking idiot I'm gonna dislike this video purely because he's trying to bash such a masterpiece. We have not experience game play, story and graphics like this ever. Should be thankful we can have such a great immersive experience like this without Micro-transactions,a ton of bug or overall unfinished game, like most of the other companies have been producing. This is what a complete and we'll done product is suppose to look be like.

  11. This game is so damn good. Haven't finished it yet but I'm hoping for New Game +. Once I finish I'm starting again

  12. Bro all the bald dudes complaints seem more like he is just really bad at the game and trying to blame it on to many enemies 😂😂😂

  13. Projectile attacks are different colors than melee attacks from enemies. It sounds like the middle man just wasn't very good at reading the battle lol.

  14. he wasnt fucking one dimensional ya godamn dummies. did you play the last games?
    jesus, that part of the discussion youre basically parroting some myth.
    he has always been engaged with other characters and he always had a lot of depth.
    ffs try again

  15. This is why I love story driven single player games and loathe reviews. The last of us completely immersed me in the story as well as gameplay. I felt like Ellie was my daughter(I have a 7 year old daughter in reality) so instinctively I felt compelled to make sure she was safe while also discovering that she could hold her own. GOW is no different but Atreus is even more of an asset(I also have a 10 year old son) and as a father especially of a young son I can completely relate to Kratos and how he deals with Atreus. Feeling protective but also knowing that he has to grow up fast and make mistakes that frustrate but also endear you to him. Kids have their own mindsets and we as parents have to show them the right way to do things but also let them make their own choices. Sorry so long lol but for me GOW is a 10/10 and I'm only halfway through!

  16. it starts big but not right off the bat. it eases you into it and once you have your bearings, particularly in regards to the new gameplay and combat, then they give you big and bad and awesome

  17. Jesus Christ the person playing the game in the bottom corner is incredible. Maybe its just this specific part I'm on right now, but watching them play makes me feel like I need to spend more hours on the combat, and I've already gotten some great skills from other players. Great job!

  18. I find it interesting when I see people not like the game (to any extent) because I like to be critical of everything and see different sides, like my friend doesn't like the game as much either, so I'm trying not to bash the guy in the middle like everyone else is…
    but man he really is going in on points that make no sense, like I can understand some of his points and what he doesn't enjoy or what hit him different, but its difficult to watch when he just doesn't get a certain aspect of the game. It seems like he didn't take any time to think about what certain mechanics in/about the game do to your experience. Idk man

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