Far Cry 5 Is Ubisoft's Best Open World Game

GameSpot staff chat about Far Cry 5, and why they think it’s Ubisoft’s best open world game to date.

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  1. Farcry 2 really went above and beyond with minor details that you just know took many hours to perfect. Throw an explosive near a tree and watch the brances come flying off. It's possible to trim a tree with a shotgun in that game. Little details like this is why I think FC2 IS the best in the series. Story wise, it was pretty "meh", leaving much to be desired. Hopefully such detail can make an appearence in future ubisoft games.

  2. "I like this one because it doesn't have towers and a mini map". WHO GIVES A FUUUUCK! You know what would have really made the game more immersive? Getting rid of the magic vision but anyway. Most of the missions suck, the world is bland and it has no story. But they got rid of the minimap and you have to press the back button to find out were to go, game of the fucking year. There's no repitition in the game? I've been captured by the cult like 5 times and I'm about half way through the game.

  3. @GameSpot But wait a minute @GameSpot I thought the game made you uncomfortable? I thought the game had you CONFUSED. Whatever, still won't get my sub back.

  4. It would be fun if not for all the bugs, the least fun villains, and the fact that they decided that periodically the bad guys somehow instantly capture you no matter where you are for obnoxious bullshit.

    But otherwise the game is solid fun and finally being able to experience full coop in a far cry is awesome.

  5. I disagree…..of all the Far Cry games number 5 has the most awful story of them all. Plus if you wade through it the first time and decide to play it again……the devious developers have removed all the silver bars and money from all the safes……yep……they have. They want to dangle it in front of you hoping you will buy rather than grind and hunt animal skins.

    Done with Far Cry……….so done.


  6. I do not remember, the last time i just had a shit ton of fun in any game before. Just unexpected chaos and there must be a hilarious WTF moment.

  7. Uh, it was an okay game. They really haven’t changed the formula much. You have all the upgrades and own the best vehicles before you are halfway through the game. After a couple of hours of playing, you’ve seen the whole game. Actually, if you played farcry 4, you will not be surprised by anything you see

  8. I am thinking of buying a PS4 especially to play the Far Cry 4, 5 and Primal games. The big bonus is that I will be able to play Cyberpunk once it is released in 2077.

  9. I am just under 4 hours in the game and so far loving it. The gameplay is terrific, and my god… those graphics are insane! It looks very realistic a lot of times. And well optimized too, it will not have any problems running above 60fps ultra settings on a mid-range pc. This game is a graphical masterpiece from Ubisoft.

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