Far Cry 5 – Best Weapons

Far Cry 5 has some great weapons with uses you might not know about.

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  1. How the fuck are you even supposed to get them if the damn game won’t save? I can’t believe Ubisoft is getting away with this shit in almost every one of their Far Cry games. And they refuse to fix it. Isn’t that fraud?

  2. I'm not sure how many people will see this, i know not many people play far cry 5 anymore, but if you're bored try and do the launch glitch with an ATV and magnopulser !

  3. Holy shit! i'm missing out on a lot… i haven't bought any weapons thinking i'll just pick 'em off enemies… like the LMG i picked it off that armoured guy… 25 hours in, now i think i should stop waiting and start buying weapons

  4. For me is the Optimism shovel, the .44 Magnum, Compound bow and the AK-MS Warrior. But the Optimism shovel is OP AND THE BEST

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