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A Spoiler-Filled Avengers: Infinity War Discussion

Game Informer’s Ben Hanson, Matt Miller, Brian Shea, and Andrew Reiner spoil and discuss everything about Marvel’s Avengeres: Infinity War. From Iron Man’s greatest moments to Star-Lord’s funniest lines, we talk about everything under the sun. We…

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  1. Black Panther is a better movie? No, absolutely not. Black Panther is at best a 7 to 7.5. Mediocre fight scenes and I laughed out loud when the Rhino showed up. You have Black Panther, instead of coming up with an amazing fighting style for him, you gave him punch-punch-kick.

  2. I think I have answer to why didn't Dr. Strange use Time stone in fight against Thanos.
    Ans: There is a line where Thanos tells Strange "You are full of tricks, but still did not use the best 1". Might be there are consequences of reversing time which Strange didn't want Thnos to know. Also because of 140000065 future possibilities which Dr. Strange saw.

    Two stones which I think will be crucial in Avengers 4 are Time & Soul stone. Because wisdom comes along Soul stone.

  3. The Reapers had different motives. The Reapers wanted to destroy advanced civilizations to stop advanced A.I. from spreading if I remember correctly. They didn't bother primitive civilizations. That's why Earth was spared during the cycle when the Protheans were wiped out.

    Thanos' motivations are I would say, a little wonkier. I mean does all life everywhere get halved? What about on the planets he's already hit before the gauntlet like Gamora's? I try not to think about it too much.

  4. The reason why Strange doesn't use the time stone more often is two reasons. First, in his movie, he's told that using the stone could have disastrous repercussions leading to paradoxes and such so the time stone can't be the simple "redo" button that people make it out to be. The other reason being that although the stone can reverse time, it's not always effective as seen in the moment he rewinds the Hong Kong sanctum and Kaecilius is able to kind of negate the effects. If he can do it, the Black Order might be strong enough to do it as well. And he definitely could not have used it against Thanos simply for the fact that He posseses the Reality stone and the space stone which would be pretty effective at escaping or working around the time stone's effects.

  5. What is most interesting that no-one seems to mention is the possibility of Tony's nightmare from Ultron becoming a reality in the next Avengers. I think that could be even better than this movie, that moment in Ultron was scary and I think now it is a likely scenario.

  6. Okay … I'll say it since no one else will. This movie, from a character development perspective, was terrible. Too many dramatic moments undercut by comedy. Too many characters got shortchanged, and the film felt overstuffed. It should have been 2 movies with part II coming out in December or something and the story lines should have been streamlined to focus on fewer characters in each film. Because of a lack of screen time no one really cared when Gamora bit it. And that's the reason why people were so upset with Star Lord for reacting the way he did at the critical point with Thanos, because Gamora's death wasn't the gut punch to the audience it should have been. Same thing with Vision. Although I'd say the film did a better job with him and Wanda, but again, his death just didn't have the impact it should have. And It's a real stretch to say Cap and Bucky were in this movie. The Wakanda fight had zero tension. The Black Order may as well have been the Dark Elves from Thor 2 for all the character development they got, with the exception of Ebony Maw. And whatever dramatic effect the "ending" had was quickly undercut when they killed off T'Challa. Because that's when I knew Marvel would be reversing these "deaths" very very quickly.

    Marvel fans are fanboyings/fangirling over this film and yes, it's crushing at the box office. The thing is, it's NOT THAT GOOD. And I resent anyone comparing this to Civil War or Winter Soldier or the first Avengers – films that actually took their time to develop characters and tell a story that was moving at a seizure inducing pace. Ragnarok wasn't a great film either, but people laughed a lot so they forgave all it's problems. Marvel has a formula; it's called make the audience laugh so they don't hold you accountable for poor character development and the lack of emotional impact for even the most dramatic events.

    lol. I still enjoyed the film, but damn people need to chill. I'm done.

  7. Personally i think strange not using the stone was due to being in the set on a unchangeable outcome to them having that one possibility of winning the war. Maybe from that point, the branch to the winning outcome was inevitable.

  8. After Thanos snapped his fingers and killed everyone, he should've Drank a Beer and smoked a joint and kids don't do this for real, overall great movie.

  9. BP is not a better movie at all. Not even top 8 marvel movies. Smh. White people have to stop saying BP is awesome just because they feel guilty or nervous they will be called a racist if they admit it was not great. It was so over hyped and drained out in theaters to make money (which It did. Good looks black people lol. Every black person in America saw that movie ). It had so many plot holes and times where as a person watching it just says…. uh? What? Y ? That doesnt make any sense. Sloppy writing. Smh. Anyway. If put maybe cilvil war or winter soldier. Those r on the level of infinity war. Smh.

  10. Quill , blew it, the lovers blew it. Both together and individuals.. I hate Scarlet witch who has to be traumatized over and over to do her fucking job. Tonys bullheaded reluctance to call cap at once! Last but not least for doing the most to cause other characters to do the least, Pepper-fucking-pots. A trajic overly typical selfish female who also has amnesia and doesn't read the news or care about anyone but herself , it seems. She doesnt realize her man actually built something he can effect the world and change cosmic enterprises with. Pepper, take your head out of your ass and put it in a woodchipper and make us some Goop. (her overly priced company). I t wouldnt have been a great movie if those things hadn't happened. lol, totally pissed.

  11. By the way review your stupidass lara croft standup. I hope you won that and that it did not cost you much , due to the fact that the way she holding that bow and arrow is fuct beyond. its so obvious

  12. Idiot on the far left, do you not remember when he tried to use it against the telekinetic who stop cancelled that check and rebarred his dumbass to a patch of concrete and almost killed him? he was probably gunshy after that ass handing. What do you think made him look at the future? How bad are we going to get our asses kicked? If it were that simple do you think ego 1 would have to use a portal to find ego2 if time, which he controlled was so simple? Pitiful human, its why half of you are gone.

  13. He was born to super powerful people who essentially hated him from the jumpoff. if your own mother attempts several times to end your life while you are in swaddling , i strongly suspect life is a bit of a downhill prospect if you dont take some control and engineer the game from your perspective, even if no one else understands. He wasn't well liked by his entire race before he turned evil. I bet those who hated him thought they were good. So its a far reaching story and it could lead to an eternals movie. marvels only fuck up of late has been the inhumans because they take as much backstory to explain as Thanos. Not ten years, but not a quick trip to hawaii to film Ramsay bolton as a spoiled younger brother to Black bolt. fail. Best part was the teleporting dog. fix it marvel.

  14. The hulks not scared dodo. hes mad at banner for only using him to fight. Hes the one guy Thanos is actually a little concerned with because if banner and hulk come to serenity he could face thanos evenly and perhaps out match him. though he was surprised by that high temperature ass-whoppin.

  15. What if Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is starlord managed to save Gamoras soul and he goes back to the planet with the Gold people where Adam Warlock is being made. He will ask them to make her a new body for her soul

  16. I grew up as a comic book and a huge Marvel fan since the 70's, I declare Avengers Infinity War is the best movie ever made! Miles ahead of avatar, titanic and force awakens!

  17. "In the original comic I think like Hawkeye died"… Infinity Gauntlet EVERY ONE fighting Thanos dies and Thanos already erased 1/2 of all life in the Universe. So it was much worse.

    Well, Nebula, Star Fox and Adam Warlock were still alive when the Avengers lost and silver Surfer failed to snatch the glove.

  18. I loved the movie but as a comic reader I knew thanos was going to win and kill a lot, the real question was who?
    I was glad they killed Loki, that was pretty much a given so glad they didn’t weasel out on it. This is a great culmination of 19 films and next year we get the culmination of 22 films 😬

  19. Love the second guy from the left, he just gets everything about the character motivations in this film. This guy on the left is so annoying however, he needs to not cut others off and fake laugh right into his mic, and he’s hating on the comic books moments like red skull which is epic, this is 19 years of build up bro 🤦🏽‍♂️. Real fans are glad scenes like that are in this film and get the cheer moments, the russos, Feige and Marcus and McFeely are all super fans

  20. Black Panther is so over hyped. It was a good movie, but to put it on par with this movie or above Ragnarok diminishes your opinion.

    Stop giving so much credit to a GOOD movie. It wasn’t anything special……..

    Infinity War deserves praise

  21. What a BLASPHEMOUS opening statement: …"scarring the Ba-Jesus! out of"… ( means either: Baby Jesus, or worse: Ba _ _ _ _ d Jesus! …like people shamefully say: Son-of-a_B______! " implying that ": Mary was not a virgin! ) …Be ye holy in ALL manner of conversation, because IT IS WRITTEN: be ye holy, for I am holy! ( I Peter 1:14-16 ) …[ Niles Livingston Sr. – YouTube ] …for details! …Galatians 1:1-6:18 …The Revelation of Jesus Christ 1:1-22:21 ( King James Version – only ) …Amen. ( Eze. 2:1-3:27; 7:1-27; 13:1-23; 14:1-23; 18:1-32; 31:1-32:32; 33:1-33; Col. 1:28; 4:16 ) …Amen.

  22. Why was Strange asking tony if he could fly the ship home when traveling to titan? Could he not just open a portal with the sling ring?

  23. Galactus isn't much of a character, though. He has little depth. If you build up to Galactus, you'll have to build up and make each of his Heralds a superior threat to the Avengers. That, or you have the super deep Dr Doom to work with, which is what I think the next step is.

  24. Lol why do comic book geeks think the solution has something to do with introducing concepts from comics? Writer's cater to the general population who just wanna see a good movie. avengers 4 isn't gonna have any bizarre additions, it's gonna go off whatever's already been established in infinity war.

  25. What master do you serve , what am I suppose to say Jesus . That shit was funny , some of the funniest lines came from the interaction between the Gaurdians and everybody else and also the back & fourth between Tony and Dr Strange

  26. The whole bit of the characters "dieing" was no surprise and no one (with a brain) believes they are gone – for example they have Spider-Man "die" but Spider-Man: Far From Home has already been announced (ditto Black Panther sequel) so, meh. Infinity War is just a place holder for the next film. Just hoping they do not put too much on Captain SJW (oops, I mean Captain Marvel).

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