What Can You Do In Far Cry 5's Co-Op Multiplayer?

Someone made the mistake of letting us play FC5 on PC and PS4 Pro and here’s what we did.

Why Far Cry 5 Has Us Confused:

Check out 4K PC gameplay with Cheeseburger the murder bear!

Watch our breakdown of…

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  1. Don't know if this was mentioned in the video,but you can only play with 2 people,no more,with 3 people you cannot play arcade or campaign,the only two modes.

  2. it says its singleplayer on steam how many players are you in co-op/multiplayer, do you need to have friends and invite em or can you just quick match, i really need answers cause i really want to play multiplayer but i dont have friends playing this game

  3. I don't understand, just bought the game for my son, I already own it, but it says he needs to complete campaign to play co-op. Please Help as I feel I have never been able to play multiplayer on any games we own.

  4. Is there still a tether system? is the 2nd player able to save their progress? thinking of buying this but those two things drive me insane

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