Rainbow Six Siege: The Road to 100 Operators

We go behind-the-scenes with Rainbow Six Siege’s new operators, and the process of creating them, with Ubisoft Montreal.

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  1. Am I the only one who would want a shooting range type of thing that you could play when you’re searching for a match so it could warm up your aim?

  2. I read an idea for an operator on reddit who would be able to freeze reinforced walls so that they could be destroyed by soft breachers like breach charges, ash, sledge and such, and maybe freeze mira windows so they can be meleed or shot through

  3. I love Siege! Favorite game! I played the open and closed beta. And the first year it was out, Siege is all that I played. But I rarely play it now. The game is still amazing. But the other players make the game horrible. Almost every other match I get killed by my team mates. Sometime immediately. Like I don't even walk two feet and I am already dead. Spawn killing is infuriating. So many people play it like a call of duty game. I can't tell you how many times my team just rushed in guns blazing, and died immediately. So it would be 1 vs 4 or 5. And I die. Because its 1 v 5. But after dying, i get voted off the match, because I died. Even though I am at the top of my team, because I am the only one on my team playing the game the right way. Like I said, amazing game. A true modern artistic masterpiece. But the players are flipping horrible. Not horrible in skill, but horrible as gamer's. I am so flipping tired of being team-killed for no flipping reason.

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