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Our Impressions of Tennis World Tour

Matthew Kato and Brian Shea sit down to talk about their experience playing Tennis World Tour over early footage of the title, which developer Breakpoint Games sent to us.

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  1. Top ranking tennis on the game boy still the most realistic in 8bit. It’s gameplay can’t be beaten. These all don’t allow you to make errors as easily as winners. I still play mine!

  2. so federer actually has a 1 handed backhand in this 1,however how did they managed not to get his serve action right, when they got others right. good start, still im looking at this and think vt2 and vt3 had it right, over these simulator types

  3. iv'e played them both and for me AO is better, needs tweakinng but the mechanics are better…..both need patching imho

  4. Probably one of the best tennis sims I’ve ever played(haven’t played either AO games) but very solid, I’ve just started year 4 and I’ve been number 1 in the world since towards the end of year 2. It’s easy to dominate if it’s not Federer or Nadal though. They will always test you even at max level

  5. I don't think this was a thorough review. They didn't list any any cons. However the gameplay looks boring. Then add too much realism on top of that; like injuries and jet lag? That doesn't sound fun. The attribute bonuses also sounds sketchy. Bonus to clutch performance or at the beginning of a game? That is way too specific and should be determined by the skill of the gamer through court position and shot selection. You shouldn't hit winners just because certain abstract conditions were met. Thanks for the video! I'll pass on this one 🙂

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